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Hi just taking a survey to see if nursing jobs ARE out there. I am interested in finding out about potential LPN openings. If you feel comfortable, please say the state you are from' THANK YOU!!... Read More

  1. by   knottygirl
    Quote from lola88
    No jobs for New nurses in the New York City area.

    nursing school is a fraud.

    all new nurses in the nyc area should contact the nysna and their congress rep. And state attorny general--- it is fraud!

    they keep advertising a need for nurses and the schools take your money---

    why are two year schools allowed to operate if no one will accpept an asn degree once you are licensed?

    We all take the same nclex test----

    There are reports of the lack of jobs for new nurses all over the county now.
    That sucks, I wanted to move to NYC when I got done with my LPN (in two years). I hope you find something soon.
  2. by   MEKAYLA
    I'm looking for RN job in southern Ca. I will reside in Santa Ana but will not mind driving for long distance as long as they are hiring. I have 1 yr experience in LTC, dementia and rehab experience. Wonder if you can give me some info, it would be awesome. Thanks
  3. by   ICUSkeenRN
    For new grads, No. For experienced RNs, LPNs, etc Yes.

    Southern California
  4. by   ICUSkeenRN
    @Mekayla--- Are you intending to stay in LTC or are you wanting acute care?

    Skeen, ICU RN in Orange County
  5. by   bekindtokittens
    In my medium sized Colorado town, if you have less than five years experience, your chance at being hired by a hospital is small, but not hopeless.

    There are opportunities for new grad RNs and LPNs in sub-acute and LTC. I recommend checking craigslist in your area. I hate monster. All monster showed in my area were agencies, and I'm still getting tons of spam two years after I pulled my resume down.
  6. by   ICUSkeenRN
    @Mekayla--- Are you intending to stay in LTC or are you wanting acute care?

    Skeen, ICU RN in Orange County
  7. by   MEKAYLA
    @ Skeen, ICU
    Hi, I am just looking for any open RN that they offered. Since I only have exp in LTC and Rehab, is there a chance for applying? Please, please help me out since I am so new to this area. I can do some side job related to the field also but have no idea where to start?? any sugg is appreciated, Skeen!
    Thank you.
  8. by   Polly Dipcya
    No...not all all. I live in Northern IN and it seems all med professions are on an all time low. New grads are having an especially rough time.