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  1. by   mizfradd
    I work in WIC as a CNA2/phlebotomist and before vouchers can be given out, we do well baby/child checks which include: ht, wt, head circumference, and plotting their growth charts, blood lead testing & Hgb and immunizations (by RN) as well as counseling by a RD.
    Blood leads are done starting at age 1 with a second one done at age 2. Doing the Hgb varies according to age and visitations.

    We do all of the above (except BLT's) for pregnant moms and post-partums too.

    Nutrition, diet and breastfeeding are all strongly encouraged. Breast pumps and pre-natal vitamins and iron tabs. or gtt are given out if needed.

    I love working in WIC but there are many RN's who have been burned out by it.....they tell me it's because of obnoxious screaming kids, repeat teen moms and non-compliant pregnant mothers who drink/smoke/use drugs and then there's the whole illegal aliens using our tax $ with their "anchor babies" issue that really ticks a lot of the nurses off.

    But I love working in WIC, I guess it's because I get a kick out of the kids (literally sometimes) no matter how they act.

    Also, some days can really be hectic due to patient overload! :spin:
  2. by   RN BSN 2009
    What is "anchor babies" ?
  3. by   RainDreamer
    Quote from iceyspots
    What is "anchor babies" ?
    Babies born here in the US, to illegal immigrants.
  4. by   mizfradd
    Thus making the illegal immigrant parents "anchored" to America by having a baby born here that is considered an American citizen.

    In WIC we see a lot of illegal alien parents (with no social security # card on their charts, & the info. on charts will say country of origin -Mexico) but their American-born children will have a social security #
    and the state where they were born.
  5. by   nurseaboveboard
    Well, thanks to all posters, but hold the applause, I didn't have the stomache for this job. I felt like a libertarian in a socialist environment. We were in with Headstart, Early Head Start, Healthy Families, etc. People wanted me to be on this and that committee. Someone called me wanting referrals for their program Parents as Teachers. They apparently try to get the ones that don't meet the income guidelines for the above three programs. They were concerned with keeping their funding if their enrollment numbers didn't go up. I'm like whoopy, maybe your program isn't needed then, maybe pay the taxpayers back some of their hard earned cash. Everyone wants to be on Headstart, "free" daycare! Qualify for foodstamps? Automatically qualify for WIC. TANF, Medicaid? You bet! This will really offend a lot of people probably, but I went to an employee carry-in, went down the line, and finally on the 9th dish I found something half healthy to eat. It was our fruit plate from WIC. We sat down to eat and I looked around and observed a whole bunch of really obese social service ladies getting fat, literally off the taxpayers dollars. I realized this is not me, I don't want to be a part of it. I know we were helping some people who genuinely were trying to help themselves through WIC, but I felt we were being taken lots of the time too. Also, I was being asked to do things by the state that I didn't believe in, like sanctioning vendors for having a WIC shelf tag out of place. Good grief! I was actually told by one state employee to "make the vendors feel as stupid as possible, so they don't make the mistake again." I am not saying that these programs haven't done some good, but build it and they WILL come and they will keep on coming! Well, that is how I feel. Thanks for listening!
  6. by   crysobrn
    Sorry to hear things didn't work out.
  7. by   nurseaboveboard
    Well, it's been more than two months since I left the WIC job, and I still thank myself every day! I am totally going to stay away "hoop jumping." I NEVER WAS ANY GOOD AT SPORTS!
  8. by   calebsmom0822
    I'm hoping to work for the WIC Overseas office here in Germany, however I have to wait until I graduate with my BSN in October. I have 8 yrs experience with NICU and mother-baby, and I've always enjoyed helping mother's with their breastfeeding experience. There is currently a position available in Sept, so I hope it remains open until October. I really am praying hard for this job, and I would love to hear any other nurses experiences WORKING for WIC. I'm not a "pusher" for breastfeeding, though I strongly support it. I breastfed my son, however I would never push someone to breastfeed because it isn't for everyone. I wrote a research paper on WIC and how it negatively effects the numbers in breastfeeding. I believe that if there isn't nurses/nutrionists in the office that are not educated on breastfeeding teaching etc, then that's where most of the mothers may take the easy way and switch to bottle feeding. Even as a nurse, my first weeks of breast feeding were difficult, but I never forgot my nurse/colleague telling me "Give it 3 wks, that's all you'll need" And she was right. With the proper support and encouragement, breastfeeding can be a positive and successful experience for most people, not all.
  9. by   Butterfliesnroses
    I go to WIC. I felt very guilty but my dad pointed out I should use the services if I qualified considering we all pay into taxes. Anyways, where my dr. didn't have time to talk nutrition WIC did. They taught me so much! Also I bought a hand pump when I returned to work. I soon realized that a hand pump would not work while working full time. I called every place I could think of that might rent pumps. No-one is this small town did. I finally called WIC and asked if they rented breastpumps. They said only if I was a client of theirs. I said I was asked how much per month. I would have payed any amount under the sun as it was a last resort. They said for free. This was a service that was SO nice!!! A hospital grade medela pump. I loved it! I do get the formula and we do breastfeed. I get the full 9 cans per month and we use all of them up and sometimes go buy formula. This is such a help!!! I'm not your average mommy on welfare. In fact WIC is the only state assistance I use. I work full time and often times pick up overtime (as a nurses aide) but I NEED WIC and I qualify so I use it!
  10. by   crysobrn
    I don't think you should feel guilty at all using WIC. I mean it's there for a reason. I think more people could actually get it if they knew the qualifications.

    When I was pregnant with my last baby we were doing breastfeeding coalition meetings with the WIC girls. The one suggested that I apply even if I knew I was going back to work. She said that even if I qualified for the 12 weeks I was off it was still a good idea. And they liked to get their numbers up. I ended up getting "disability" pay though so between my husband and I we didn't qualify.
  11. by   BlueRidgeHomeRN
    sadly, my grandson qualifies for son is in the army, and my d-i-l works part time, and they still make little enough to qualify. what does that say about our country?

    i worked public health and we shared the building with wic--have to agree with the out-of-control kids, rampent fraud, and entitlement attitude. my d-i-l says she will not let the little guy play with the other kids at wic appointments, due to their agressive behavior, lack of hygiene, and apparent state of permanent mild illness..
  12. by   Vito Andolini
    Quote from crysobrn
    I'm not sure that I fully understand WIC. They do promote breastfeeding right? But at the same time I get tons of patients that say "I'm going to bottle feed because I get free formula from WIC anyway" I've also heard that women lie to WIC and say they are breastfeeding 50% of the time to get the free formula which they turn around and sell on ebay or to friends because they are really breastfeeding.

    I think it's definately a good program... I just don't understand all the ins and outs of it.
    This type of behavior is why I don't donate to charities. I give charity to individuals so I know exactly what is happening with my money.

    And I think taxpayers and lawmakers need to know if someone is abusing this tax-supported WIC program. Sounds like someone should be prosecuted.
  13. by   RainDreamer
    Quote from Vito Andolini
    And I think taxpayers and lawmakers need to know if someone is abusing this tax-supported WIC program. Sounds like someone should be prosecuted.
    I agree, but that's a whole lot of someones.