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Scrubs with university and professional sports team logos have come out. They're not cheap, nearly $50 for a set. They vaguely bother me. How would a Yankee logo do in a Boston hospital? (would... Read More

  1. by   nurse4theplanet
    pants...ugh. I feel your pain.

    Landau is starting to get the point though. They have an extra long cargo pant with slits that fit around the tops of your shoes...pretty long and i actually was able to buy my size instead of three times my size...but let me wash them a few times and we'll see. I am all legs.
  2. by   NurseCard
    I'm horribly guilty of having ALL scrub tops with cartoon characters on them, and solid colored pants to match. I've been meaning to move towards a more professional, sophisticated look, but haven't had the money lately to shell out for new scrubs.

    Having said that, I STILL couldn't resist the Christmas Snoopy top that I saw at Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago, and so I bought it. When I NEED to be buying solid scrubs!

    I also still want a University of Louisville scrub set, badly. :hatparty:
  3. by   Gennaver
    Quote from Still Riding
    I must make a comment on the low ride scrubs. I am a firm beleiver that my pants and my bra should start at different points on my torso. there is a line where things can get too low, but I don't see anything wrong with scrubs starting jsut below my belly button. So unless I would like the crotch of my scrubs to be at my knees (which isn't professional either) i need to get low rise scrubs.
    Hi Still Riding,

    I would like to share my preference for things below my umbilicus also.

    At almost forty I thank goodness that low rise has returned again. They went out the last time while I was in High School and ever since then I have silently been turning my waistbands over, (under my shirts).

    I just really, do not like the feeling of having things squeezing my umbicus or sitting over my lower abdoment like that.

    It leaves no room for bending when you sit, I know, its probably because I am 5'10" but, high rise paints on me make me so uncomfortable.

    Yet, also, because I am 5'10" there are many, many pants were the low rise is far too superlow rise for me!

    Trying to find the balance, I do not want to expose any skin at all, (not only for the look but, I really do not want to expose my skin to bacteria from a hospital.)

  4. by   Gennaver
    Quote from sugabuga
    I'm not for the shorter tops but I AM for the drawstring wide legged pants. I'm young and tapperd pants went out in the 80's. I wear normal tops so you don't see my "business" but the old pants with the elastic wastebands that start below my boobs are not going to happen.

    I want Nascar scrubs with a big 38 on them!!!

    I so very much concur.

    As I mentioned HAS been since the 80's that I have been flipping the high-elastic over. Also, as someone who is taller I found that the taper in those taper pants started way too high for my longer legs. Even though I am slim, those suckers cut my calf circulation off!

    I will wear the potato sack scrub top, (with a shirt undeneath to avoid flashing my Angle of Louis to everyone) but, dont' ask me to go back to those ickie pants!

  5. by   Gennaver
    Quote from Marie_LPN
    Oh i have a problem with pants.

    ANY pants.

    Jeans? Heh. With a (now) 25-26 inch waist, and 40 inch hips, and 34 inch legs, buying jeans is about as fun as watching the paint dry. There are plenty of jeans available if someone's a size 15 and long-legged. But apparently, clothing manufacturers haven't caught on that there are women who need jeans that are size 7 or 8 to come with long-leg length.

    ....but i have to wear a large at work for the extra leg length.

    Which explains why i have a ton of shirts lol.

    A friend of mine was a fit model for a company. The way she explained it, the patterns were made to match her size 8, 5'8" frame, (very narrow waist and curvy hourglass). In order to make the sizes for the rest of us, higher or lower than the fit model, manufacturers just spread it out or shrink it.

    Proportion gets lossed the further you are from that average.

    I fully agree that being far from that average, (Mine is not a size 8, its a 6, my height is not 5'8" its 2" taller).

    So, yes, I love the new pants, it is such a little thing to be pleased by having your ankles covered AND your pants staying put on your hips at the same time!

  6. by   Indy
    I'm on the other end of the pants problem. I'm 4'10" tall and about a 30" waist, 40" hips, and of course, my inseam is like, 30 inches if I'm lucky. Bleh.

    I don't care if my waistband is at the bellybutton so long as it's a drawstring, I hate elastic. Oh yes, and I'm picky and want side cargo pockets, on the right side please.

    This means I can go through the entire stock of my favorite uniform store in town and there's only one pair there that fit me, but it's a low rise and I realize that my "curved" tummy will be hidden by the top, but it makes me want to cry when I try it on. So I go to the one across town that's so silly they don't even sell shoes, where their unisex $13 scrub pants only have the fault of being boxy and not very soft in material, and of course they need to be hemmed a couple of inches.

    So I get to look short and square and downright dumpy. Fortunately, I'm usually too busy to notice while I'm actually at work.
  7. by   rogramjet
    I prouldy wear my Washington State scrubs, and have never been told I couldn't.

    GO COUGS!!!!!
  8. by   rach_nc_03
    Quote from asoldierswife05
    pants...ugh. I feel your pain.

    Landau is starting to get the point though. They have an extra long cargo pant with slits that fit around the tops of your shoes...pretty long and i actually was able to buy my size instead of three times my size...but let me wash them a few times and we'll see. I am all legs.
    Yeah- Landau is great for tall size pants, and Dickies has some tall cargo pants as well. I have a similar problem, though, with crotches that hang between my thighs...i'm actually getting a rash from seam friction. :imbar

    My fiancee was home on leave two weeks ago, and he did all my laundry for me (how much does he rock??). He's a wash in hot water kinda guy, and now all of my tall-size scrub pants are *just* barely long enough. Oops! Still, he did all my laundry, cleaned my whole apartment, stocked my kitchen, cleaned out my car....can't hold a little pants-shrinkage against him!
  9. by   SoulShine75
    Quote from boopchick
    I have to agree about some of the ridiculous prints I see at work. I mean really. Some of them are truly hideous. I prefer plain colored scrubs with maybe a contrasting colored piping or neckline, etc. I wouldn't be caught dead in some of the prints I see people wearing. As for the flare/wide leg them! I think it's perfectly acceptable to wear the more modern styles in scrubs as long as you're not flashing your patients every time you bend over.
    To the OP, I don't see anything wrong with sports logos if that's your thing but, it probably shouldn't be head to toe.
    I agree with boopchick. I also love the wide leg/flare pants. Those pants that have the cuffs around the bottom...not so much my style, or the ones that are tapered all the way down to the shoe...looks fine on some, but for me it makes me feel like I'm back in the 80's doing the "fold and roll". I also think a solid uniform with the piping is better than prints with big ugly flowers on them. Ugh! Gives me a headache. Again, it's fine for some, but not for me. I think keeping it simple is the way to go, as long as you're comfortable and are staying professional.
  10. by   IloveSnoopy
    I agree with the writers that have expressed their support for the wide/flare leg scrub pants...I bought a few pairs awhile ago and I luv em'.....I really like the Cherokee Work series..and they come in petite....yeahhhhhh I also have to admit...I'm a "fun" scrub top person....ok sue me. I have one with Shrek, one with bunnies, one with butterflies, one with zoo animals, penguins opening x-mas should have been a vet tech). Anyways...I think "fun" scrub tops can bring a smile to patients faces....young and old. I've gotten a lot of compliments on my tops from all types of people. I don't think that having a picture of shrek and fiona on my top makes me an immature or non-professional nurse. I think it shows that I am a fun loving person that enjoys my job. GO SHREK
  11. by   WayneRNinKS
    We can wear team logo scrubs, or at least no one has objected as yet. Go University of Kansas, go Jayhawks!!
    Who really cares what nurses wear, as long as they are not revealing. We need nurses so bad I think Admin would over look almost anything!
    thanks for the subject matter.
  12. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Our administration didn't overlook it.
  13. by   Corvette Guy
    Quote from super_rn
    logos are allowed, no big deal. i have ohio state scrubs i always wear on gameday.
    i've noticed the ut nursing students wearing burnt orange scrubs w/bevo logo where i work ... looks great to me!

    sep 10, 2005, ut 25 v. ohio state 22

    hook'em horns!