Anyone visited by DFS ?

  1. Well it all started as a patient complaint, then the site visit... Then we've had 6 months to make "required changes" (more paperwrk for nursing). Now they are due in any day...

    We received the official letter and here they come..

    For those lucky enough to be unfamiliar, they make Joint commission look like your best friend. They don't track trends like joint... one space on the defib checklist means hospital wide neglegence on it... One Boo-boo equals a hospital wide "search and destroy"

    Sorry, not being irrational, but if we are deficit... and who the hell is perfect 100% of the time, with 4,000 employees!!! They can shut down our federal funding...and we're a county hospital.

    These are the big guns...

    Anyone been through this?

    Any pointers? From what management says, they will follow you down to blood bank and monitor the whole process... watch you pass your meds... don't forget the ID band on and on and on.

    Geeze Some days it's hard enough to take care of patients...
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  3. by   BadBird
    Wow, I never even heard of them. I do think that the joint commission is a big joke, what is needed is a inspection that wasn't announced in advance so management can't run around at the last minute hiding incomplete charts and covering up obvious errors. Well that is just my 2 cents worth of opinions.

    I can understand your fear of losing funding and probably jobs but it I think it would affect management more than the nurses. Who knows, maybe then nurses would get paid what they are worth, staff would be adequate, supplies readily on hand, computers that actually work. Oh wait, I am dreaming again.

    Good luck
  4. by   caliotter3
    I went through this process more than once. Very nervewracking and unsettling to say the least. Our situation was compounded by being a media tidbit. As a matter of fact, an employee, who worked a second job, commented that they took out a blown up copy of a news article and discussed it at great length during a staff meeting at her second job. The best advice I can give you is to do whatever it takes to maintain your personal equilibrium during this. Try the Serenity Prayer! Keep yourself as scarce as possible while you go about your business. I noticed that certain people strategically called in sick and got away with it. If it gets unbearable or you believe the longterm results to be bad, start looking now for a new job. Remember, it can't last forever. Good luck.
  5. by   sjoe
    Management always gets frantic and paranoid before any kind of audits or evaluations, particularly in poorly run facilities. Let them!

    You are a supervisor? OK, then your concern depends on the level of authority you have. If you are in a position to make and/or change facility policies, then you might do well to bring them up to snuff and to help the facility be better run overall. If you are not, let those who are paid to worry about such things worry about them. (Time to take a vacation anyway, isn't it?)
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