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I just found out I am pregnant and I am due to start the nursing program in January. Once you start, you have to follow the curriculum strictly. I am worried about this because I work only part time... Read More

  1. by   Ellean55
    It should be about focussing on career goals - especially if nursing is what one has always wanted to do. I personally think its better to wait and start a family when you have your nursing career behind you - as opposed to having nothing. My advice would be to wait. I think as we women sometimes we ultimately do ourselves a great diservice by creating situations where the odds are stacked against us i.e becoming pregnant before starting a career, or giving up a career in order to move with a spouses job promotion etc
  2. by   Nursingmom24
    Listen to me .. You can do it ... I did . Im graduating June 11th 2009 with my big and might i add ''SEXY'' belly in front of me. Pray for strength , tell your boyfriend, and enjoy your gift that was given to you. Take care
  3. by   Meriwhen
    I haven't, but two classmates had. One was pregnant with twins and decided to drop back a semester. The other's due date happened to be right after the last spring class, giving her 3 weeks to recover before joining us again. I think a lot of us weren't sure if she would be able to return, but she had a fairly easy birth and bounced back fast. She also has a supportive family to help her take care of him, and she ended up graduating with the rest of us.

    So I can't tell you Yes or No either way. You have to decide what will be best for you in your circumstances, and as long as you're doing what YOU think is the best thing, then it's the right decision. Good luck with it!
  4. by   smarti15
    I was never pregnant in nursing school, but I know several women who were. The best thing for you to do at this point is to tell your boyfriend, and then make an appointment to speak with the dean of nursing. Most of the time, the dean can help you work out the logistics of your decision. You should also talk to all your family and friends to see who can help with the baby after you deliver. I know that in our program, there are very few accomodations made (mostly just physical precautions), and if you miss an exam, there is a 10 pt deduction. The worst that can happen, is you might have to wait a semester or two. Don't despair, it can be done! Best of luck to you, no matter what you decide.
  5. by   Ellean55
    I know people have strong views on this - but what getting an Abortion.
  6. by   Ellean55
    To the poster who became pregnant with her FIFTH child during her nurse training, I just think its highly irresponsible and career damaging. If you are constantly pregnant how are you ever going to start your career??
  7. by   Jenzee
    Quote from Ellean55
    To the poster who became pregnant with her FIFTH child during her nurse training, I just think its highly irresponsible and career damaging. If you are constantly pregnant how are you ever going to start your career??
    Ellean, I am going to attempt to answer your post as nicely as possible seeing as I find it highly offensive. I'm not constantly pregnant....I became pregnant ONCE while in nursing school. I am still an good student and am actually even a student rep. for our class. That all being said my children are blessings and NOT a annoyances that get in the way of my "career." Geesh. And I will start my career in August working nights while my little ones sleep. :-) it is very possible to balance both career and family. I am more than sure I am not the only poster on the forum that has been able to do both.
  8. by   emmalou*
    I had a friend at nursing school who got married then became pregnant with twins - finished school right before she gave birth! She did really well too, including all her pracs. We were all very excited for her.

    Like others here, I think you need to plan ahead what to do; first, talk to your boyfriend, then talk with the head of the nursing school as they and your tutors really need to know about the pregnancy; plan your prenatal appointments around school and work; and work out a study plan. Plenty of girls go through uni while pregnant, its certainly a challenge but definitely doable.

    I know it all seems very overwhelming right now - right on top of starting nursing school you find out you are going through this life changing situation - but don't make any decisions until you've talked to your boyfriend and feel a bit less emotional. Only you can make the decision about whether to go through with the pregnancy - nobody here should even be implying any direction you should take, but take heart that you are not the only person to have gone through this, and that things will work out.

    Good luck! :heartbeat
  9. by   RN2B25
    Just because we think we are making the right decisions or think that we're making good choices, it doesn't mean that we actually are. I would pray for a lot of guidance and direction during this time!