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  1. Ellean55

    My frustration with inconsiderate classmates

    Hey Elizabeth again dont worry. Failing to turn up with a pen and notepad ready for report is far worse than turning up without the stated materials for your clinicals. Again your colleagues who turn up unprepared in nursing school will find it a big shock to the system when their colleagues and patients will be relying on them to be on time and prepared. In the real world of nursing that can mean life and or death. So again do not worry. Keep going. *smiles*
  2. Ellean55

    My frustration with inconsiderate classmates

    Hi to the original poster. I share your frustration about inconsiderate colleagues in training. As you know when a person qualifies for a nurse, its about all round behaviour: This relates to professional conduct, by that I mean:- Punctuality Attendance/Sickness Communication skills with colleagues and patients Competence (this is built up) Skills Knowledge etc. Your colleague who likes to turn up late for every academic session you have, will find herself coming up a cropper one day when she reminded about her tardiness, attitude etc. Employers will not always allow 15 minutes lateness each time. It wont take long before other future colleagues will get ****** with Constant lateness - (have you ever had to keep waiting for the SAME nurse who persistently turns up late), I have and it ****** me off. Or the colleague is who constantly calling sick (again I have and it ****** me off). It wont take long - so dont worry about your colleague, when she finds herself losing pay, getting fired, or written up for it (as you call it - we have a different system in the UK). She WILL definately change her ways. Just keep being a good student and having the right attitude you will go along way. Oh and just for the record (know this) employers take a DIM view of nurses who are persistently late or who call in sick. Again my advice to you is keep going with your traiining, you will make a good nurse one day. Take care.
  3. Ellean55

    Got kicked out of an RN program don't know what to do

    Hi I am so so sorry to hear that you have been chucked out of nursing school. So close to graduation as well. My heart goes out to you. Is there any way you could appeal the decision? Maybe go to the exam board? It such a shame.
  4. Be encouraging but dont make it your sole occupation to spur him along. Focus on your dreams and goals too.:nuke:
  5. Ellean55

    How do you make them go??

    It could be she is quite scared and frightened deep down. All you can do is use gentle encouragement.
  6. Ellean55

    Community College vs. University

    Hello Hi. My personal opinion would be to study nursing at university rather than community college. In terms of qualification and entereing the job market, its best to get a degree from university as opposed to community college. You may consider working overseas (when things get better) I dont know if that would be a goal of yours, but its also better to have a degree in that respect.
  7. Hi Prizin, I would like to ask how do you cope working in a maximum security prision where the people you give care to are deemed unfit to live in everyday society? I just wanted to ask how do you "steel" yourself for a shift each day/night etc? *smiles* just curious and fascinated at the same time.
  8. Hi this is to the op. Have you ever thought about getting your supervisor get the patient assigned to another nurse. Would that help? *smiles*
  9. Ellean55

    Role of nurses in physician-assisted suicide

    This was just something I threw out - I am not from the US you see so wouldnt understand the concept of suicide - but then I thought well prisioners are executed they are - if you like (correct me If I am wrong,) having their lives medically ended. I.e lethal injection. Thats just my thought. I was thinking that was another form of physican- assisted suicide.
  10. Sadly there is still an element of suspision about women who have reached a certain age and remain childless. Its unfortunate but true. Its percieved that if you dont want children you are either:- * Spoiled * Selfish * Cruel * Seen as less of a woman* because you havent had children
  11. Ellean55

    Role of nurses in physician-assisted suicide

    Just out of interest. Does this include assisting in the execution of prisioners? Just a thought.
  12. As usual I am getting flack because I said I didnt want children
  13. Look RN Writer the things I say are based on nurses I have worked with - not generalising. These nurses I met - were complaining, etc some of these nurses I worked with were so bitter - that you wondered why they were mothers at all. So please do not think I am dissing ALL nurses who become parents. That is NOT the case.
  14. Here here at last a poster who agrees with me lol. Who wants kids - they are such a drain. I feel sorry for any woman that has that burden (sorry joy)
  15. Ellean55

    Pregnancy and Nursing School

    You are right Natingale. That was a bit harsh looking back at that post. Ouch. Sorry
  16. Ellean55

    Pregnancy and Nursing School

    I have no respect for women who CHOOSE to stay at home when they could have had a career (I am not talking about divorce, etc) those things can be avoided, but when a woman takes the conscious choice to opt out of the chance to have a career then I am sorry you wont gain any respect from me.

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