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has anyone ever figured who you were from checking out all nurse's ? i have always wondered about this :coollook: praiser :heartbeat... Read More

  1. by   bagladyrn
    I've been recognized both on here and on other nursing boards. It's not too hard as I don't make a big deal of hiding who I am and I've recommended this board to others as well. I actually kind of get a kick out of people recognizing me from contracts I did 5-10 years ago!
    My "rule of thumb" here is that I don't say anything that I wouldn't say in the break room at work (where you never know who's right outside the door). However, since I'm pretty outspoken that leaves me a lot of latitude!
  2. by   whoknows56
    Quote from c0ntagion
    I found a tech I work with on here by her description and comments. I still haven't told her because it doesn't really matter to me, and I don't know her very well yet.

    I would assume that anyone on my shift would be able to figure out who I am, and perhaps many people within the hospital itself.
    Yeah, it is best just to leave it as going to the web to talk about stuff and/or to vent...or even just to ask questions. As long as no laws are borken on this forum, I just leave stuff as is. I know a couple of peopole who work a different shift and department than I do that post on here from time to time and I just don't bother bringing it up as the situation at work doesn't include this type of conversation (aka, hey, are you so and so on allnurses?)
  3. by   Imafloat
    I would hate to be recognized, so I don't post stuff that is really specific. I don't feel that I say anything bad, but I am a private person about how I feel about things. I come here and can vent and seek validation for things I feel and it works for me. I work in a nursery, and sometimes we get the craziest names and I want to post them, but I know it would identify me. Some day, if I ever leave my job, I will post my list.