Anyone else doing the midnight creep??? - page 2

You know, the one where your significant other is sleeping and you're too wired to go to you end up creeping around the house??:rolleyes: I should be in bed, but I just can't sleep. Too... Read More

  1. by   all4schwa
    i wish there was stuff to do at night, whent the 'normal people' are sleeping. thinking of finding a 24 hour gym. if i have a few days off (b/c i'm on 12's), sometimes i'll sleep deprive myself when i get off the first day, so i'm in bed at a decent hour and be on a normal schedule for a few days. but then i'm screwed when i go back to work. all that to benefit who? not me....
  2. by   jarhea
    I'm so glad that other people understand the midnight creep! My boyfriend kept telling me, "Just go to sleep." :uhoh21: Like if it was that easy to turn on and off, don't you think I would have been asleep all ready?