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i just got my first nursing job 3 months ago. we are so short(i work ltc), that i have already oriented 2 new nurses and worked several 12 hr shifts. i just got off of an 11 day stretch(including 3... Read More

  1. by   CHATSDALE
    look as long as they have you working those hours they have no incentive to hire someone else...i have worked by hinny off and was told that they had been unable to hire anyone...talked with a nurse i had worked with at another facility [good nurse, but she was up front about not working overtime due to family] and they had refused to hire her
    stand up for yourself the money is not worth your license or your health
  2. by   rebel_red
    I agree with cheerfuldoer and maolin. I voluntarily work back to back 16's on the weekend and am requesting a transfer. Why? Because I couldn't sleep Friday night and no one I mean no one would replace me on my 3-11. I worked on no sleep. No one really cared, best offer go home and take a nap then come back. Yet another nurse gets a freakin hangnail and they find coverage. Going elsewhere if my shift request goes unheeded. Its not worth the damage to my body or my license. Nor is it worth it for you either. The 'baylor" pay isn't even worth it.....

    Be Well,
  3. by   RainbowzLPN
    I think all LTC places are like this to a degree. Where I work, I was just asked yesterday afternoon if I coulkd come in this weekend, because a new nurse they hired quit after three days (no notice, nothing!) I've worked my last 2 weekends off, even if it was only for 4 hrs & not the full 8.....I sometimes feel like I'm burnt out, too. The thing that gets me, is they won't hire enough people to cover, & when you call off, they call you in the office & lecture you, but do nothing to the ones who call off & go shopping all afternoon! :angryfire :angryfire