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Hi all. I am a PRE- nursing student with *another question* :) Did any of you nurses have weak stomachs? I didn't really have one before I had my 2 little girls. I could watch/see/smell anything... Read More

  1. by   danh3190
    I get queazy with BMs. However I find that when I have a task to accomplish, even if it's wiping up a messy butt, I focus on the task it isn't quite so bad.
  2. by   MIA-RN
    oh god its the slurpy sound of suctioning a trach that does it to me....
    The other day, I was wrist deep in a patient's sacrum packing a terrible wound and I had to stop for a minute....
    But thats about it for me.
    I always always chew gum and I think the mintiness helps.
  3. by   Charge205
    When I first became a nurse I had trouble when pts were trying to vomit, or I would have to suction them.. I have since gotten over that and nothing bothers me.. I now work with some CNA's and when a pt vomits they are holding their hand over their mouth and heading out the door. lol I told them some day they will get over it. :spin: