Any time-saving tips to share??

  1. I could always use some help in the area of time management. It's so frustrating to know I was busy every minute and even missed break, then to find out that there were easier ways to do things.

    Could you share some tips that help me get time-consuming tasks done faster?

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  3. by   bellehill
    I work night shift, not sure which shift you are working...these are my tips.

    I get to work 15 minutes early so I am ready to go on the floor at 1845. I get report and immediately start assessments. At 2000 I start passing meds, if I am still doing assessments I pass meds at the same time. If I have a pt who is going to take longer to assess and they are stable I save them for last so I am not thinking about everything else while they are talking to me.

    Any PCAs or Foleys all get checked at the same time so I can do "walking rounds" and knock them all out at the same time. I cram my pockets full of flushes, alcohol pads and IV parts so I am not continually running for stuff.

    Time management can be a problem no matter what area you work in, just do your best. All the work gets done eventually.

    Good Luck! :spin:
  4. by   micro
    time management is a least in this field.......

    there are tips....yes.....but then again......when you care for the unpredicted can't predict and schedule other people and patients........

    it schedules itself.............

    on another thread and post maybe i will share some secrets......but what i just the most valuable secret that i have learned and taken to heart............cause this nurse knew her stuff...............

    micro and out
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    learn flexibility....chart as you go...pray you get no new admits. not much you can do to "control" your time. As time goes by, you will get more efficient and be able to function under pressure more. go easy on yourself and pick some experienced nurses as mentors to help you along the way. good luck!
  6. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heart of texas

    be flexible at all times
    dont get frustrated, wastes your time and efficiency
    keep eyes and ears open with brain fully engaged
    SMILE A LOT even if you dont want to

    and above all else
    keep it in the short grass yall

  7. by   semstr
    Most important way to have more time for myself and my family: I pay for a cleaning-lady once a week. she's a jewel, also does the ironing.
    Take care of your time, Renee
  8. by   sharann
    Extra large pockets in my uniform jacket filled with flushes,alcohol
    (wipes!),syringes,and a small eat on the run snack(trail mix or nutrition bar). Also, I have learned to anticipate what is needed before going to the patient as to save backtracking and extra steps. Organizational skills seem to come with time and experience (plus you get tired of walking back and forth!).
  9. by   NurseDennie
    I bought a special nursey-belt/apron thingie with a million pockets. I never had to go out of the room to grab a dead-ender or a saline vial or an alcohol swab. I didn't have to fill my pockets with heavy scissors and clamps, either. Before I got the belt/apron, my shoulders were getting sore.

    I made myself a cheat-sheet each morning during report. I pre-printed them with fill in the blanks. Room number, patient's name, dx, doc, IV solution/rate... I'm trying to remember what all. I had a big square in the middle for notes, and I had times written down the side and I circled the ones where meds or tx were due. I also had on the other side a list of typical things that I'd circle if they apply - DNR, what the diet was, ambulate___ times, etc., etc., As I went through, I'd cross of what I'd done. I even had a little thing to check off for my two assessments and charting! I also had common phone numbers written all in the margins.

    Before I started nursing school, I read that the average nurse walks 7 miles a day! I found out early on that I'd be walking a LOT more than that, if I didn't get myself organized like that!!!


  10. by   semstr
    Sorry, my answer seems pretty weird, but that's because I thought you meant your private time-management. (I sometimes read too fast and think I know what's all about)

    At work, I can only say follow the tips from all the other posters and always say to yourself: I am a Mensch (=human-being) with "only" 2 hands and 2 feet, one brain and one motuh.

    Take care, Renee
  11. by   Sleepyeyes
    Thanks all, for the tips!! I'll let you know how it works out! :kiss