Any suggestions?

  1. Hi All,

    After waiting for years finally opportunity knocked at my door. I graduated 5 years back but couldn't work due to personal reasons, but when I was ready I didn't find a job.

    I now have a part-time night shift medical-surgical job on the table and also Department of Health daytime school nursing job on the table. Being a mom of two joggling everything alone, I don't know which one is better or if I should consider taking both the jobs.

    I lack hospital experience and floor nursing is the best way to gain experience. But when I think about DOH school nursing job, it's a city job and a government job and I have nice prospective of earning pension, retiring at the age of 62, working when my kids are in school and so on. If I take the civil service exam and pass it I will be a permanent employee.

    I need to decide by Monday and I can't think which might be better. What do you all think? Thanks for suggestions!
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  3. by   A&OxNone
    Well, if bedside nursing is what you want to do, I would say at least try to do the med/surg job, just to get some experience so you can do other things.

    But if you dont want to do bedside, does it matter if you take the school nurse job? If you aren't looking to do the hospital route, then you really didn't lose anything, in my opinion.

    But, you have to balance whatever is right for you and your kids. I'm not sure if taking both of them is a good idea - I would hate to see you do poorly in both jobs because you are splitting your time, when you can be exceptional in one.

    Good luck!
  4. by   ijuanabhappy
    How old are your kids? Would someone be at home to watch them while you worked nights? What do you ultimately want to do as a nurse? A lot of people don't enjoy bedside nursing. If you think you would be interested at all in the school nursing job, I would definitely take that one if it were me. Sounds like a great opportunity with awesome benefits!
  5. by   TheMiss
    I agree that you can only do the nightshift job if you have someone who looks after your kids.

    Are both jobs part time? And if so, how many days/hours a week is each? If they are both 16hours/week jobs you could do both. If they are more I wouldn't recommend it.

    School nursing is fun and very challenging and you will learn valuable lessons - plus have a much better inside into the generation of your children. I know a few school nurses who love their job, do it part time and pick up floor shifts as well.

    Sounds like the DOH job gives you the benefits you look for, which might make it a higher priority for you and thus suit you better.

    Good luck with your decision
  6. by   Amanda.RN
    Personally, I would go for the school nursing job. It sounds like an awesome opportunity with excellent benefits. I think you may get burned out working two jobs, especially since one of them is nights and would throw you off your sleeping schedule. Either way you decide, I'm sure it's what will be right for you.

  7. by   Sun0408
    Single mom I would say the daytime job.. It will be easier to find child care if/when you needed it but chances are you wont need childcare because you will be off summers, holidays etc with them..right?? If you take the night job, someone will have to watch your kids while you are at work unless they are teenager, but I would feel uncomfortable doing that (leaving them home alone).. Also what will you do with the kids while you are sleeping during their holidays and summer??...
  8. by   LoveMyBugs
    Could you take the DOH and instead of part time go on call/per diem for the Med-surg job.
    That way you get bedside nursing experience and you can also do the school nursing.
    I am a single parent myself, but have a great support system so I can work anytime, are you able to work nights? Do you have the support system in place? What type of nursing do you want to do, and which job would help you get there?
  9. by   Miller86
    I know you want hospital experience but the school job might be more practical for your personal life (being with your children). Try to see if they will allow a casual position for the med/surg job. I think both jobs sound fantastic but pick the one that will most suit your current situation since being a mom (especially single) is a full time job.

    Best of luck in what you choose!
  10. by   Crux1024
    I also see the DOH job as being more practical for you. You yourself pointed out the benefits of it! Ive seen too many single moms go through babysitter after babysitter whilst juggling night shift jobs.
  11. by   kbrn2002
    Only you can decide what's best but since you are looking for outside opinions, here is mine: I would go with the DOH job if it is full time, or at least benefit eligible. It sounds like the hours would be a great fit for you. If you have the option, I would consider taking the DOH position and the other position as a per diem/casual nurse. That way you could pick up shifts there at your convenience, and that may be especially nice when you are out of school nursing for longer periods of time. The extra income could come in handy during summer break. Whatever you decide, congrats on getting not one job offer, but two!
  12. by   NepRN
    Thank you everyone! You all have pointed out a big benefit of the DOH job -- flexible time to run both work and home due to hours. I thought of doing both the jobs but I know it's not possible since there will be at least one or two days when I have to work all day and then go to work all night. It's not practical and in fact it is dangerous for the patients too. So I wouldn't do it. Since I do want to gain hospital experience I think I will talk to DOH about it and ask them if they can give me less hours for now turning into full time later or maybe I can directly contact them later when I am ready to take the job. What do you all think? This really is a tough decision for me because I really still can't decice which one is the better option for me.