Any St.Jude Nurses here?

  1. When I'm up late studying I always see the programs for St.Jude Childrens Research Hospital,watching the families truly amaze me and almost always draws a tear or two.My burning question is how is it to be a nurse at this amazing facility? If you've worked in other hospitals or nursing areas prior to St.Jude how does it compare? Have you relocated from another state to work there and would you do it again? After watching the program tonight I got on St.Judes website to find information on the hospital and nursing opportunities and would love to hear from those of you who work there to gain some insight because I would love to have the same opportunity in the future.
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  3. by   luckylucyrn
    While I don't work at St. Jude, I have a friend who I started nursing school with who does. She started as a Nurse Intern there (apparently they don't have many), and then has since graduated and has started as a soon-to-be nurse there (hasn't taken boards yet). Once she started working there, it was like, no turning back! She loves it there. She said it is surprisingly not high stress and a wonderful place to work. The new grad orientation program is good too. I went there for clinical and saw a presentation on it, and I wanted to work there too Unfortunately I can't because of other obligations, but I sure would like to!

    Also, the facility is beautiful and very uplifting.
  4. by   NurseCard
    I think it would be a wonderful place to work. I don't know that I would relocate though, personally. Not terribly crazy about that particular area of the country.

    I've thought a time or two about applying to work at a Shriner's hospital. I did my peds clinical at the one located in Lexington KY, and it seemed like a nice place to work, with also fairly low stress.
  5. by   bethin
    I was always interested in St Jude. I see the commercials on tv and they really pull at my hearstrings. I would love to hear from more people who have or do work there.

    Is it as good as it seems? On tv, the nurses all seem so caring, like they're taking care of their own child.