Any SEIU nurses here?

  1. I've just revisited their site and it's impressive. They had a rally today and left 1000 pairs of old nursing shoes on the steps of the US Capital. I'd love to have seen (not smelled) that one. Go SEIU.
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  3. by   CashewLPN
    not anymore in SEIU... Okay union though... but, I find that 1199 is better for now...
    oh well
  4. by   sokalirn
    Not SEIU anymore but CNA now. After learning about the two unions and doing extensive research on the subject was clear to me that RN's are better represented by CNA. I do not approve of SEIU's campaign tactics when it came to organizing. They made an uninvited home visit and would not stop call my CELL phone!!! Research the history of nursing and the philosophy of both unions. There is a clear gigantic difference.
  5. by   sjoe
    No union at the moment, but have been a member of SEIU and CNA in the past. Both are nearly useless "company" unions, IMHO, much more interested in their own organizations than they are in the concerns of their members.
  6. by   pickledpepperRN
    Letter to Modern Healthcare re: Top 100 Most Powerful in Healthcare
    September 22, 2003
    What about the SEIU?
    I appreciated your recent reporting on the 100 most influential people in healthcare, but I noticed you did not include anyone from the Service Employees International Union, the largest, fastest-growing and most politically influential union in America. The SEIU has more than 1.5 million members, 700,000 of whom work in the healthcare industry.
    I work at SEIU Local 250, based in California and the largest local healthcare union in the West. Our president, Sal Rosselli, has led our union through a remarkable period of transformation in the past few years. We have grown from 40,000 members to more than 85,000.
    In the last election cycle, our members completed more than 3,000 volunteer shifts. We have achieved unprecedented standards for healthcare workers and their patients, such as a voice in staffing and full family health coverage for employees. I think these accomplishments deserve recognition in next year?s list and in future coverage of the industry.
    Dave Bates
    Communications director
    SEIU 250-Health Care Workers Union
    Oakland, Calif.
  7. by   jjjoy
    SEIU is so big b/c it represents many levels of healthcare workers whereas CNA is specifically for RNs. So then it almost becomes non-RNs vs. RNs, especially on issues of increasing responsibilities and scope of practice of non-RNs.

    They are very useful in that they are big enough to get some (still not enough) political attention. However, like any big organization, their representation doesn't always reflect the wants of the people they claim to represent.