Anxiety rated on a 0-10 scale is what test?

  1. I work for the federal government and I asked a stupid question. We measure our patients anxiety level and ask them to rate it on a zero to ten scale. One patient stated that he could understand what the 0-10 pain scale was yet this was due to descriptions and the face chart. So. I had no idea and asked around and all I got was the monkey on the ladder answer of "I don't know that's just how we do things".
    I don't accept that answer.

    Is is there any know anxiety egg scale based on a zero to ten rating? I have searched and can't find one. I reallllly don't want to make this my research/implementation project for my masters but I figured this wouldn't be as hard to find as it is. I have seen the steinberg and two others yet nothing that is ten based. Thanks in advanced.

    Ps doing this on my phone and I just switched to grave so please excuse grammar and zzzzszzzzxx
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  3. by   BacktotheBeach
    I know the CIWA scale ranks anxiety on a zero to ten rating. Not sure if this helps you, but may give you a starting point.
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  4. by   Emergent
    Not everyone will find a number scale suits them. Many prefer word descriptors. So, if they are in the middle of a full blown panic attack, give them a 10. If they say they are just a little anxious, give them a 2, and so forth...

    I personally don't waste time getting hung up on the pain scale. It's another one size fits all solution that's been enshrined as a charting requirement. It has its place (great for cardiac pain), but other than that, many pts don't really use it correctly (20/10 for a stubbed toe for example).
  5. by   Libby1987
    When my patients struggle with the scales, I'll simple it down to mild/medium/severe and then I'll ask them if I need to intervene. Whether they say yes or no lets me know if they fall below or above 7-8 and then the number doesn't matter so much as I'm either going to instruct them on optimal dosing or I'm getting on the phone to the provider. IOW, I can choose the number myself after I understand their symptoms, the scale is just a tool. And after we accomplish an accurate assessment and plan, they have a better general understanding of how to number their symptoms.
  6. by   jitomim
    I am ressurecting this discussion; I am looking into information about the Face Anxiety Scale.


    I have read several articles by McKinley but can not locate the precise intervention threshold, how they categorise (is face 2 moderate anxiety, 3 ? 4 - 5 high anxiety?).... Maybe I've just read so many articles that I can't see what is in front of my eyes...