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Hello kids! I am motivationally challenged right now. It's been forever since I've seen a doctor for a pelvic and even longer since I've seen a dentist. Bad, bad nursie! I preach to my residents... Read More

  1. by   Euskadi1946
    Quote from LPN 90
    I do regular dental check up's twice a year. Haven't been for a pap in 2 years, need to do that. My Primary care Phy. is a jerk...last time I saw him, he came in the exam room and asked me why I was being seen today, and when I started to tell him, he blurted out "Okay, I only have a minute with you so make it quick"....He also marked on the super bill "detailed visit" for which I was charged $78 dollars. He spent all of 2 minutes with me. Seem's like private practice medicine is only good for "quickies" and then be off with you ! It leaves me feeling very mad. How 'bout you all, ever get this treatment?
    Hmm, looks like you're not a very assertive person especially when it comes to md's and dentists and you must not care about getting your money's worth. No I don't get this treatment because I insist on excellent medical and dental care since I'm the one flitting the bill. The doc and dentist work for me, I don't work for them..... :uhoh21: :uhoh21:
  2. by   WickedRedRN
    I hate hate HATE going to the dentist! I swear, I am a strong person, can deal with pain, no probs, I labored with our daughter before we had to go c section, but tell me its time to see the dentist and I just fall apart. I seriously have panic attacks at the dentist. I loved my last dentist, he understood my quirks and treated me with kid gloves and respect. We moved here (74 miles away) and I had a really hard time finding someone I could work with. I called ahead and explained to 2 dentists what happens, bith assured me they could help me. Dentist #1 got frustrated with me and sent me to an oral surgeon for an extraction after a tooth shattered and I went into full panic when he told me it would take 3 hours and he would have to shave the jaw bone. (Surgeon was very good, sedated me and extracted tooth with no probs, when I told him about #1, he said no way did I need all that. Dentist #2 was very rude to me, suggested I go for a psych and demanded I would need to call my PCP for Valium, (and hygenist trying to calm me down kept calling me Shirley, which is NOT my name)

    Finally found a dentist that caters to those of us with phobias. She never makes me feel like I am an abomination, freak, or anything. Very attentive to helping me cope, not afraid to sedate me. Together we have come up with a plan that works and I get everything done that needs done. I do have to drive almost 40 minutes to get there, but worth every minute!
  3. by   angelymick
    Oh! I sooooooooo don't feel alone anymore when it comes to the dentist. I avoid them with all my might. I have a horrible phobia when it comes to going to the dentist thanks to my mom (dentures on the top of her mouth because of her phobia and putting it off). I swore I wouldn't be like her when it came to this and here I am at 41 heading for bridges and dentures. Money also has alot to do with this, I have thrown approximately $4500.00 into my son's mouth. I also make sure all three of my kids get their regular cleanings. Don't want to continue the phobia another generation.

    As for the other end I am religious about keeping my appointments. Just had my yearly and PAP in December and my mammogram two weeks ago.

    I have a big problem with dental care not being included under medical care. If your teeth are unhealthy doesn't that affect the rest of your health. Isn't there a correlation between plaque and potentional problems with the heart. Wouldn't it be wiser for the insurance companies to cover cleanings to avoid thousand upon thousands of dollars of medical bills over heart issues. It just makes me wonder.
  4. by   ayndim
    I used to avoid pelvics too. But I now have a CNM and she is great. They have dignity duds. What a difference that makes. You aren't exposed to the world.

    I also see a NP. She always has the time for me, as does my CNM. And I am never kept waiting at the NP's office and rarely at the CNM. I don't mind waiting at the CNM because it is almost always because of an emergency with a pg woman.

    Dentist. Well I have never had a cavity and get them cleaned every couple of years. Our insurance covers them but who has the time. But the kids get theirs.