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pt 1 postop-wants a private room so i can be his private nurse so we can do private things. he tells me hes rich as though thats going to persuade me. i have one hell of a time getting out of his... Read More

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    OOOOOOOUUUUUEEEEEYYYYYY!!! That doc pulled out the big guns for him....1 mg of ativan....LMAO.

    Hey Fran, I used to work tele. That is the way it was just about every day on that floor. I dont think any other floor in the hospital takes as many admits as tele, and is so chronically undertaffed. And then management has the nerve to wonder why nurses run screaming form their jobs.
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    They just don't get it. I've worked. or had worked there 7 years. worked my butt off. never once did anyone say-"You guys really did a good job, I couldn't have done it without you". Went to another area-Intervential Radiology- Had only been there 1 week when one of the docs said that to us. I've been scr*wed so many times on the tele floor. Most of the patients appreciate what your doing. and it really irratates me when we would get the difficult families, and boy could I tell you about some of them.

    Well since you asked. We took care of this pt for over 2 years. Thats right 2 GD years on a telemetry floor. Unresponsive, took 30 minutes just to get her meds together.complete care. Husband was strange. For the first year or so he stayed by her bed, and he started gettinga little sleep deprived. and mean. We had to call in many special meetings with him. The lady has been dead over 3 or 4 years now and he sits by the grave everyday. He one time had her moved From the Grave. He didn't like the people that where hanging around the grave yard, too noisy or something. We were all afraid he was going to hurt us, really scary guy. And he doesn't just go visit the grave, he is there all day!!!!!! Got some strange people living out here.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kids where visiting me at work one day and my little girl asked who that dead lady was in that bed.
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    i was thinking the same thing about the ativan.
    that dose would be about enough just to pizz him off.
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    OOh not to worry...we got some real meds into him as soon as he was tied down. But no matter what the order was...I was NOT about to STICK him with ANTHING while he was still on his feet, and had a chair in his hands. NOT!
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    Maybe you'll should lookinto getting blow darts? You know the kind they use on wild animals.
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    LMAOROF.....You know funny you should mention that...I DID think about it....LOL Be my luck I would probably have darted the ones trying to get him down...LOL.
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    Maybe I should try to market these dart sedators. policemen could use them too. Of course there would be the mandatory yearly inservice on firing you dart sedators. I couold make a lot of money and quit my day job.
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    I can think of a couple of docs I'd try that dart gun out on first!!!
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    I'm having a fine old time bumping up old threads...the old ones are the best!

    One of my favorite patients (frequent flyer)...42 y/o female, comes in with complaints of not being able to eat for over a week. No signs of dehydration, all blood work and urine WNL. So...doc admits her for IV fluids, IV Protonix, keeping her NPO for a surgical consult...doc thinks she might need scoped. I went to her room at 0300 to do her 0400 VS and I smell onions! I check out her room and find her husband sitting in the bathroom with a pizza box and a footlong meatball sub on his lap. Not quite sure how long he'd been there or how he got in, but there he sat. The lovely patient had tomato sauce on her chin. She was discharged the next morning.

    48 year old female...frequent flyer...same doctor. She comes to the ER 11 nights in a row for trifle little complaints...sniffles, infected hangnail, rash under the ADMITS her for eval because she just can't seem to get well! IVs, foley, BED REST! She spends half of her time sitting in her grandson's room (32 week preemie)...later claims she didn't know people could just visit...thought only patients were allowed in the hospital!

    16 year old male...acute pancreatitis 2 chronic alcoholism. NOTHING we do for him is getting his pain under control. Turns out that his good old mom and dad were bringing him vodka to "help with the pain!" The kid was NPO except for mints, which he always had in his mouth...went through a box of Altoids a day and was always brushing his teeth. I'm glad I was never assigned to him.