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:( I AM SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dear friend is in the hopsital with pneumonia. She is a 78 y/o who is caring for her husband of 56 years, in hospice care with terminal Ca, her only son and... Read More

  1. by   CaliNurse
    I hope that you stay fired up about this. Patient abuse is simply not tolerable !

    This summer our facility (California LTC) was sent an inservice packet from the Department of Justice, Office of Attorney General. This topic "Your Legal Duty, Reporting Elder & Dependent Adult Abuse" I personally thought it was an excellent presentation. In the state of California it was mandated that every employee of every Long Term Care Facility must attend this inservice.

    In the state of California we have the California Long Term Care Office of Ombudsman. I PRAY THAT EVERY OTHER STATE HAS ONE OR WILL GET ONE. I have not seen it mentioned much on here so I don't know if the equivilant exist in other states.

    This is CLEARLY mental and verbal abuse. PLEASE call the appropriate office to report this abuse. Here in California all abuse occuring in a LTC facility is reported to the Ombudsman's Office unless it is life threatening, which we call 9-11.

    In the past 3 months I have held maybe 15 inservices on this. It shocks me that people do not know that they are mandated reporters. Some believe that you have to be an RN to report it. It just gets my goat that this person had the nerve to do this infront of witnesses. What is she doing when there are no witnesses.

    If it were me I would document as much as I could remember about this incident. I would ask the DON for the names of the employees involved. You have a right to know this. If they ask you why you want it, tell them you are filling a report of abuse and if they were doing their job correctly they would have also filed an abuse report by this time.

    This is no JOKE! In the county of Riverside (where I live) there is an administrator of a long term care physc facility, I believe her name is Debra Ann Davis. She has been found GUILTY in a court of law because she did not self report this to the department of health. She is appealing her case but if the judgement remains she could spend 6 months in jail and be fined $500.00 or both.

    The incident involved - a patient attacked a nurse, pinned the nurse up against the wall. A CNA on duty put the patient in a choke hold until he was no longer fighting. He justified his actions by saying be believed the nurse was in a life threatening situation and that was his decision to protect her. He was sentenced to 17 days in jail. The administrator tried to say that she investigated the incident and her judgement was that since the patient who was seen by the m.d. did not suffer any permanent harm that this was not abuse. The state attorney case point was that she is not a mandatory INVESTIGATOR but a mandatory REPORTER !

    I can't quote the laws of other states but I hope they are atleast equal to california's laws. The legal system is really coming down hard on these failure to report incidents. I am sorry to make this so long. I just wanted to leave you with a few statistics from the packet they sent out.

    There are 225,000 case of elder abuse occuring each year in California. Yes, this means age group 65 and above and this is just one year, just one state.

    How do we know they are happening .... they are reported. For every case reported there are 5 that go unreported. Do the math that ='s 1,225,000 cases of elder abuse in the state of Califoria per year.

    Who is going to protect them when they are scared, intimidated, unable, threatened, etc?????????? It has to be US !

    Drop the roof on that place and send in the State health department or who ever it is for your state that regulates them. Send it to the paper. Send it to the congressman for your area. Send it to the insurance company that covers her care. Send it to her primary. Send it to anyone who will listen.

    Here in the state of California I can also look up Survey results for each facility. I would be curious to find out what deficiencies they have had. I bet the DON would be shocked if you quoted them to her. They ( all the lastest deficiencies ) should be posted in public view at the eye level of anyone in a wheelchair, posted in the main walk way of the facility.

    Good Luck, ( almost forgot, If she was yelled at infront of the policeman, he is a witness and he should have reported it also. Get his name, he is a mandatory reporter also. If it was his mom, wife, or sister maybe he would have called in APS or its equivilent for your area.)

  2. by   canoehead
    That was terrible treatment and she deserves an apology from the nurse and the administration. They didn't take her concerns seriously and belittled her. I hope she knows there are many many nurses here appalled by what she went through. Good for her for standing up for herself.
  3. by   semstr
    The only thing I can say here:
    Renerian, kick a few a$$es up there!
  4. by   monkijr
    My Friend went home, I am thankful for that!!!!! She was set up with home care and all she needs there!!! woohoo!

    She shared with me, that the patient advocate and the doctor paid her a visit before she left the hospital, and she was so insulted and angry , that she gave them a piece of her mind, because they wanted to do a mental evaluation because of her behavior that noc. AAAARRRGGGGHH!!!! She is sharp as a whip, and told them where to put it? "Who is the president of the U.S. my A$$" She told them!!!!

    Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as the road is long, yet not long enough.
  5. by   Adina
    That nuse will get what she gives (from others),that is a universal rule,i trust that and i do not seek revenge.In that case ,that lady must complain so the management take masures against that nurse.
  6. by   Youda
    Well, now we know who made out the incident report! The nurses who were verbally abusive to her! Why else would they want to do a mental eval? They made out the incident report and painted her as a crazy old lady. Just another form of abuse that resulted in further abuse: blaming the victim for the incident!

    Cali is absolutely right. Anything that can be interpreted as intimidating or demeaning is classified as ABUSE! It doesn't have to be a physical abuse, like so many think of as being abuse. Abuse takes many forms: psychological, emotional, financial, physical, social, verbal, etc. When respect and a caring attitude is missing, you can pretty much bet that abuse is present in some form. Report. Report. Report! And, I am so glad that she is at home! Wonderful!
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  7. by   Aussienurse2
    Or you could go to admin and explain that her lawer needs to know the names of all involved in the incident so could they please provide them as you wouldn't want to misspell any ones names in the suit....