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Recently, there has been so much talk about the ANA. Mostly because people relate it too, the only possible organization that could unite and back up nurses (well that opinion varies obviously). So... Read More

  1. by   cmggriff
    I'm afraid I'm not much of a mathematician. My point was not to crunch any real numbers. I just wanted to emphasize that a small number of those of us who don't currently belong to the ANA could potentially create a huge change in the make up of the organization.
  2. by   -jt
    "its not about the money"

    the comments in context meant that its not ONLY about the money. Its about workplace conditions too. I believe it was also mentioned that according to nurses who answered surveys from the government & also surveys from the ANA, that the NURSES themselves said in those surveys that it was not about the money.
  3. by   res04lly
    I agree with Jamistic I have been an LPN for 16 years and the ANA does not think what i do is important enough to stop lobbying against us. We have our limitations but we still provide excellent Patient Care. We were and still are a viable part of the health care system and yet we are not wanted by the ANA because they don't feel we are important I wish there was one organization that reconized us all for who we are-Nurses
    it would begin to start creating some unity in this field instead of all the disharmony between the different degrees and as one voice we could move mountains-don't you think?
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    Originally posted by Tim-GNP:
    <STRONG>Maybe because ANA supporters are tired of hitting our heads against the walls. I have been busy with school work, so haven't had much time to play online.

    Personally, i'm sick of seeing nurses act like nursing is a 'blue-collar' labor camp. It is a profession. Part of being a professional is belonging to your professional organization. </STRONG>
    How many professional organizations go on strike? Blue collar labor camps go on strike.
  6. by   Elisehum
    NOW THIS IS WHY NURSES ARE NOT VIEWED AS PROFESSIONALS. We are in the midst of a nationwide nursing shortage, which is not going to get any better anytime soon. (By the way, who would want to become one when this is what they get to look forward to?)Instead of using this fact to bolster the issues which are of the most importance in nursing(ie.. wages, patient care, staffing...)we are still bickering about which is better the Diploma, ADN or BSN. Has anyone ever considered what EXPERIENCE is worth? How about CHARACTER? Good solid thought skills? Come on now, we all know at least one BSN, ADN, and Diploma nurse that you look at and wonder how they managed to tie their shoes, let alone pass boards? The problem with the ANA is that with 30 years (or whatever)of bickering and aleinating the ADN/Diploma nurse that noone wants to hear it anymore? (And lets not even talk about the LVN/LPN nurses!!!) The Diploma and ADN nurses are here to stay. Besides, do you have any idea how many fewer nurses there would be if BSN was the minimum requirement? Not everyone has a college fund available(spare me on the student loans speech).
    We need to put the ANA back on track if it is to have a legitimate future. Frankly, I see it slowly being swallowed by small unions who can actually listen to nurses needs and negotiate for them.
    Now its time for me to get off my soapbox- not like anyone will retain anything I just said.
  7. by   CEN35
    Not like anybody will retain anything I just said" - That was rather rude Elsie.

    Hope today is a better day!