An Update!

  1. Hello All!!
    I would like to thank you all who have been so supportive and answered all of my questions. I had posted a couple of months ago about taking a CNA course, since I had lost my office job and I still need to work at least partime while I complete my pre-reqs. Well, I am finished with three weeks out of seven and let me tell you... I am glad I took your advise.
    I will be honest and tell you that I was nauseated during the first week(at the LTC) and very shocked at the difference between instruction in the classroom/ lab and REALITY!
    I am learning alot, and trying to do my best... I pray to God that I will be able to maintain a sense of compassion in the future, because I have not seen a lot of compassion in the LTC where we are doing our clinical... dont get me wrong I have not witnessed any abuse, but the Nurses are rude and completeley unapproachable to the students, CNA's and the residents! The CNA's are so rushed to finishe I have not seen ONE of them give oral care, and have seen them give bed baths without ever taking off the residents' socks, they also do not believe in maintaining their residents privacy(NO curtains or sheets during bed baths)...
    I gave my first bed bath this week- alone and I am proud to say that although the resident is not fond of bed baths or showers...(can you blame her?) when I was finally finished ( I did it by the book) she was sad to see me go! Another actually told me "Thank you for being so gentle"...
    Many of classmates are really immature (not young!) and are really obvious in their disgust... and vow they will never do this job...
    I don't think it's a walk in the park and I can't see myself doing this for very long because I feel I have a different calling(within nursing) BUT I commend ALL who do Long Term Care!!! I felt a definet sense of purpose and I know I'm not about to quit... Sorry for going on and on... I just really needed to say that!
    Thanks for "listening":kiss
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  3. by   SeptSue
    Hi Sharon
    I've just read your description and I want to tell you that I am proud of you for providing your gentle care and for going by the book. You will see a lot, but you maintain your high standards, you set a good example. It's easy once you've decided to do your job well. All the best, SeptSue
  4. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    I am glad that you didn't compromise your standard of care by doing "just enough to get by", as many others in LTC do. I only wish that you felt LTC was your calling. We need caring, gentle nurses in LTC! But I wish you the very best of luck in your nursing career!
  5. by   karenG
    and here was me thinking nursing was about caring for people!! even after 20 odd years I still enjoy the caring bit and it is nice when someone says thanks!!

  6. by   Sourdough
    Sharon the compassion that you already have makes you the best kind of nurse. Keep up the good work!!!.....if the smell is really getting to you in some situations, breathe thru your mouth instead of your nose....:roll
  7. by   Tweety
    As I tell the new grad I'm precepting. " Don't worry about what others do. Don't role model yourself after losers. Set high standards for yourself. "

    There is a tremendous difference between the book, classroom and the real world. It's so easy to go with the pack and things "the way everyone else does".

    But there are lots of us out there with high standards and compassion.

    I want to leave work every day satisfied that I did the best, most professional job I could do.

    Not doing oral care!!!! Aaagggh! I'm big on oral care, I hate nasty mouths.

    Keep up the good work and best of luck to you!