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Hello, does any one think that there is any chance that since students are being pushed towards nursing, because they rae told what a great profession it is, what great benefits you have, and that... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    Exactly jnette! I hear ya loud and clear! I, too, love interacting with other cultures, learning all about their way of life, and getting to know how much alike we really are without the separation of class structure between us. It's a good thing for foreigners to travel to America and stay if they wish. I'm all for that. My fear is like yours jnette.....the American politicians are allowing companies to exploit foreign labor to save $$$....and for no other reason.

    The backfire could be when the foreign laborers who were "tricked" into coming here to work (to keep other Americans out of work) "wake up" to the fact that they are being used, how will they retaliate? As well they should!
  2. by   jnette
    Don't know if they WILL, Renee...? If they're making double or triple what they did in their own land, I would think they will quite content for a long, long time... don't think they'd much care about what WE were making as income... THEIRS has improved. Don't see that happening anytime soon (their feeling "ripped off"), that is.
  3. by   live4today
    jnette......being that they are human beings who honor being respected and allowed to maintain their dignity they very well might speak up and change things for the better for us. One never knows the end result of what starts out not being meant for "the betterment of others".

    What may have been meant to hurt us (nurses), may in fact be the very help we need to turn nursing around. Now wouldn't that make the admins pee their pants! :chuckle
  4. by   jnette
    Time will tell, Renee. Got to set my sights on something more joyous right now... things here are looking pretty bleak. Time for me to do some "gratitude work"... don't like getting in a "down mode".. too much still to be grateful for. Gotta concentrate and focus on those things... I'll do that now as I drift off to sleep. Gotta work early in the AM, so I'm outta here !
  5. by   fergus51
    I am not worried about being able to find work anytime soon. It can be a challenge to find a great place to work, but I am pretty mobile

    As far as foreign nurses.... I came from a province that only granted lisences to foreign nurses when nurses in the province couldn't fill the gaps. They even stopped giving lisences for a few months when we were undergoing health care cuts to ensure jobs for the nurses we already have. Most foreign nurses I have worked with are not doormats by any means, and I have no worry about them being abused and taken advantage of!
  6. by   roxannekkb
    One major problem is nurse "poaching" from developing nations. While the UK is more guilty of this than the US, to the point where they even have a list of banned nations to recruit from, it is also happening here.

    Take the Phillippines. They do produce a lot of nurses there, but they are losing all of their experienced nurses to overseas jobs. They are rapidly losing the nurses who will teach, administer, and even provide experienced care to patients.

    Same thing for India. They are losing experienced nurses by the aggressive recruiting of "first world" countries.

    Many of the African nations, where the UK recruits from, have severe shortages of nurses.

    While there is nothing wrong with natural immigration, the widespread poaching is lethal to the countries nurses are being taken from, and does not solve the problems here. Many of the nurses from poor countries feel that they are making a fortune here, and it will take time before they stand up to abuse. And many have loooong term contracts, which binds them to the hospitals. Plus, a hospital may dangle the coveted green card in front of them, which will assure obedience for a while to come.

    Not a good situation. It is frightening, for all concerned. And judging how US industry is outsourcing to developing nations for cheap labor costs, it shouldn't be surprised that hospitals are trying to do the same thing.
  7. by   fergus51
    Who can blame them though? If you could leave India or South Africa for a relatively well paying American job wouldn't you want to?
  8. by   HazeK
    Originally posted by night owl
    I knew it! I knew that when it was my turn to be in "the home", there would be no one left to change my undergarment... It'll be like that movie "28 Days Later..."
    I'll wake up in bed in the "home" and there will be no one there. We can make our own movie and call it... "28 years later, the nightmare begins"
    Come on all you students! When you get your license and have jobs in those "homes," please don't leave! Ya gotta stay and be there for for me!!!...for us....
    My sentiments exactly!
    I'm 52 now...& figure I will have to work until age 70...or my entrance into the nursing home or the casket...whichever comes first! LOL!