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I just wonder about the product placement I see in medical movies and on shows like ER. Not about things like soda or cars, but about things like stethescopes. I realize that 3M (makers of the... Read More

  1. by   flowerchild
    It is someones brilliant idea in the marketing department. All the companies that supply to the TV shows have a marketing department that has lots of things to give away. That's why YOU pay so much for yours.
    No, I've never bought personal medical equipment based on what I saw on TV.
    Yes, I have bought items based on another nurses advice.
    It's the nurses who should be getting free steths from the marketers of makers. So we can recommend them to our patients and caregivers.
  2. by   tonicareer
    Maybe it is a tax write off for the companies?
  3. by   RN2B2005
    I recall reading somewhere that SonoSite, the manufacturer of ultra-portable ultrasound units, donated one to "ER" in the hopes of attracting attention. The gambit worked; they're still a little company (based here in Seattle) but they have gotten a few calls from ER docs and hospital managers.

    I don't watch "ER" very often, but I did watch last night, and I noticed that Littmann stethoscopes are not featured as prominently as they once were. Most of the actors had the diaphragm turned inwards, thus obscuring the "L", and some of them had other stethoscope brands--I saw one DRG, and Noah Wylie had a Sprague-Rappaport type on. Did Littmann not renew their contract with NBC? I can't imagine this is accidental.

    With "Scrubs", which I think is funny as hell, I suspect their use of all one kind of stethoscope is more an economic decision than anything else. Those gel Sprague-Rappaport types are cheap, and since "Scrubs" wasn't expected to be as successful as it has been, I doubt seriously that they had the clout to attract sponsors. The Pyxis thing I must have missed. I did notice that the guy who plays the hospital chief has a gold-plated Sprague.
  4. by   tonchitoRN
    you all are able to recall brand names and styles. that is exactly what the marketers were trying to do. so their money was well spent. be sure these marketers also keep tabs on how many were sold before, during and after each media blitz. looks like they accomplished their goal: name recognition.
  5. by   sharona97
    I know this is new for an old reply,just started on this site. I actually participated in a 3M study on one of their scopes in 2002. The scope was made to improve hearing the heart and lung sounds at different levels. So the user was more in control. Then I got to keep it.
  6. by   RN and Mommy
    Quote from canoehead
    dr romano is the only doc i know with a shiny gold stethoscope, and i need to go out and buy one right now!!
    [color="deepskyblue"][font="georgia"][color="cyan"]we actually have a doc with one of those gold stethoscopes. he also wears gold chains and cheap smelly cologne. he looks like a pimp.
  7. by   NursingAgainstdaOdds
    :uhoh21: I kinda want the stethoscopes used on Scrubs ... :uhoh21:

    OK, I really want one.
  8. by   NursingAgainstdaOdds
    Quote from sabrina's mommy
    we actually have a doc with one of those gold stethoscopes. he also wears gold chains and cheap smelly cologne. he looks like a pimp.
    (egads your font hurts my eyes.)

    that aside, how darest thou ruin the gold plated stethoscope for me! dr bob kelso has one too!