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  1. by   mjamesRN
    Wow! You girls are almost out of hand. Stressed.

    Money is such a touchy subject. It just swoops in and takes over, but the bottom line is, (or at least should be) the average person is typically quoted as saying, "Got to hand it to ya, I could never do it" referring to Nursing: cleaning up **** and vomit, watching people die every day, dealing with the stresses of everyone around you (family, doctors, really sick people) etc....

    I always thought that a hospital with a true CEO would step onto a Med-Surg floor at least once a month and work a 12 hour shift adherring to all the policies he/she spends hours in boardrooms creating while tending to individuals who are diminished into base humans as a result of Illness; experience the harrassment, the UNcollaboration of the team, the mental and physical stress, ...and then decide if his/her nurses are adequately paid. Don't hear of see much of that, do we?

    It's plain to see and say that most of our new doctors are spoiled, coddled, falsely-revered people with no social skills who get so much reserve just because of their title,...and certainly what they do is hard work, hard-thinking, (Hippocratic or hypocritic??)and rarely genuine despite their wages. And we spend our working hours putting out their fires, modifying their oversights and mistakes and tending to the vocational (aka spiritual, mysterious) ideal of the Humanistic disposition of the ill.

    Difficult to put a price tag on that and that's probably why an "adequate" one never has been established. However, NuRSE does NOT equal Martyr.

    Shall we open up the Work Ethic Can o' Worms now?

    That's a biggie for me. That part frustrates the absolute F---! outa I spend an hour of precious time tracking down SOMEONE for a prn med order on a post-op who's in pain, vomiting and bleeding when that should have been thought of PRIOR to their admission -- I should get THAT doctor's salary for every minute I've had to utilize my brain and body to rectify their inefficient action for the sake of the patient.

    But I ..."CARE". I'm a care-giver. I'm a selfless carer. I'm a nurse. Nurse. Nursey-nurse.

    In the business world we live in, I should certainly be compensated thereof. Yet nurses seem to be exempt from monetary compensation, retribution. What Nun in our illustrious history etched this in stone?

    Perhaps there is a minute of selfish lucid thinking when I'm dashing about beds and bedpans (my license threatened at every movement) do I think "I'm not paid enough for this" -- basically I don't even have the time to even consider this poignant factor.

    I think it's fair to say We should be paid just under what a doctor is paid, afterall we are held just as accountable if not moreso, and nowhere and never is it right anywhere that someone should make a lot of money and NOT be held accountable for their actions and intentions.

    OOOPs! That money thing just swooped upon me. Gee, I guess I'm a bad nurse for even thinking this...geez...
    ...let the bastard bleed to If I made $20 more an hour (or 60, 80, a million a year) maybe I'd care a little more....
  2. by   mjamesRN
    ...oh, and, Suzy?....your signature quote from Barbarella is so wierd and that from the Jane Fonda Sex Kitty movie or is there a philosopher out there that I missed in my studies?? Forgive me either way but I'm laughing my ass off here over a well-deserved martini....
  3. by   Q.
    I guess James, I don't find it any more weird than yours.

    And by the way, as much as you may think - Wildtime is NOT a woman - though he *****es like one. I can see the where the confusion comes in.

    I am not familiar with Sex Kitty movie by Jane Fonda? Perhaps late at night while you're drinking your martini and watching these flicks and pleasuring yourself, you got confused along the way.

    Nice meeting you.

    Up until your odd comment about my signature line and your sarcastic ending, I liked your post. I'll never understand why people around here get sobent out of shape when thier opinons are challenged. Go figure.
  4. by   mjamesRN
    Whoa Susy --
    I'm glad you liked my post -- I try to speak from the heart

    As for you assuming I'm sitting up nights drunk and whacking off to Jane Fonda movies -- a very unfair greeting considering we never met.

    All I was ASKING was what I ASKED --as I'm curious to know WHO "Barbarella" is...for the only Barbarella I know of is a 1960's movie where Jane Fonda plays a sexy space queen -- and IT'S NOT A PORN FILM....
    ....perhaps you're the one who's bent out of shape, lady.
  5. by   Q.

    An unfair assessment is probably right. Ok, fine. That was rude.

    But as you will find, I am a chick who speaks just as outwardly as any drunk idiot - or as blunt as any innocent child.

    Anyway, lady?? Sheesh, I'm not THAT old. I prefer "Miss."

    So...let's start over - nice to meet you.

    I have no idea really who Barbarella is, but I saw the quote on a bookmark and liked it. I like to NOT take credit for a saying that isn't mine, so even if the source is some whackjob, then I guess they deserve credit.
  6. by   Q.
    Oh and James...after reading your above post again....about the image of you drunk and whacking off to Jane Fonda movies....I must admit, that is kind of hysterical.

    I'm sure you're a great guy, though.

  7. by   azgirl
    I just had to comment. My husbands registry told them they were to get a $5 raise and then reniged on it. This inspired him to look around and found that one hospital they sent him to regularly had an in house pool that would pay him $43 an hour. As soon as he accepted and started that job the agency upped their wages to $38 to $42 for him.

    The money is out there and suddenly we actually have a decent income. Add the $43 times 36 hours for 52 weeks and you will find that is almost the $80,000 figure that was being discussed.
  8. by   Q.

    Is your husband a new grad?
  9. by   azgirl
    Six years experience and is specialty.

    Not trying to be critical. Just throwing information out there.
  10. by   Huganurse
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  11. by   nurs4kids
    I'm still with suzy in agreement that a NEW GRAD does not deserve $80k/yr. I just don't think this salary issue can be settled with a cross-the-board figure.

    You have to figure education, speciality, experience and cost of living, etc. It'd be ludicrious for a new grad here to start out at $80k and a new grad in, say NY to start out at the same pay. A modest 2br apt here is around $600/month, a new three bedroom home is around $140k. NY, the same figures are close to doubled. If we're going to slap one salary, then we must also slap on one education level. I have to agree, again with Suzy, that we should raise the minimum entry level to BSN. It'd be pretty ridiculous for someone who went to school for two years to make that close to what a doctor makes. After all, the cost of the md's education is astronomical compared to that of a nurse; not to mention compensating a md for the added responsibility (yes, they DO have more responsibility, don't lie to yourself) and their added sacrifices (I work in a teaching hospital, so I KNOW they sacrifice a helluva lot for residency). As for speciality: I'm not nearly as likely to be sued for giving reglan when zantac was ordered on a post-surgical floor as suzy is to be sued for a birth defect caused by something overlooked during birth. We deserve the same pay? (BTW, suzy, you're selling yourself short, girl! You DO deserve more money). Now, this experience thing is interesting to me. Do I think a new grad deserves the same pay as a, say 6 yr nurse? absolutely not. Do I think a 7yr nurse deserves the same pay as a 15yr nurse in the same field? Pretty close. There comes a point where experience is experience, period. Also, comes the point in experience where a (just had this happen) 20 yr nurse comes to work in a NEW speciality. Of course she wants and deserves to be compensated for her experience, but she knows less about this speciality than the 2 yr nurse. Does she truly deserve more? I dunno. I, personally (and my opinion here may change with age), feel that if you CHOOSE to change specialities late in your career, then YOU should pay the salary penalty.

    Am I happy with my $45k/yr salary? Nope. Do I think I deserve $80k/yr? Nope. Somewhere in the middle would be nice. Had my salary not been the victim of compression, I may even be happy with the $45k. But I have a real problem with new grads making just $2k/yr less than me.

    just mho..well, not exactly humble, but yanno
  12. by   Q.
    Originally posted by azgirl
    Six years experience and is specialty.

    Not trying to be critical. Just throwing information out there.
    Then his pay is probably appropriate. The debate was about paying new grads this amount.
  13. by   azgirl
    I agree that is an experienced rate. New grad I think he got around $15.

    He also had been a medic in the service but that was too long ago to help but let him know he had what it takes to do the job.

    Sorry I missed that the talk was of new grads making that amount.