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  1. by   fergus51
    You mean we can't just blame you for all our problems Suzy? LOL!!
  2. by   wildtime88
    Here is a reality. If an agency or travel nurse is making $80,000 a year then the hospital is actually paying out $100,000 plus per year for that nurse.
  3. by   Q.
    How so?

    Seriously, I want to know.

    That just doesn't make sense to me.
  4. by   crrnmanager
    Lets talk about managers for a minute. What is your feelings about the nurse manager who makes the same as the bedside nurse but has the responsibility of running the unit, overseeing a budget and managing between 50 to 100 nurses?

    What type of a salary should she/he be getting? Within the corporate world they would be making in the 6 digits. Because they are nurse and most female should they be making less?
  5. by   wildtime88
    Susy I think you are messing around, but I will explain this anyhow.

    The local or travel agency charges a per hour fee for the nurse. The nurse is then paid out of that pot. The agency can charge whatever price they choose. It is not uncommon for agencies to charge $20 dollars or more per hour more than what they actually pay the agency nurse.


    Simply put, you deserve more.
  6. by   Q.
    Originally posted by wildtime88
    The agency can charge whatever price they choose. It is not uncommon for agencies to charge $20 dollars or more per hour more than what they actually pay the agency nurse.

    Wild I am not messing around.

    But based on what you told me, sounds to me like the agencies are just as quilty as the hospitals in holding out. Sounds like a better option for nurses to independently contract themselves, and then see if the hospital will still pay that amount.
  7. by   thisnurse
    suzy...i know that you werent talking to me but i did bring up the sole provider issue only because if nothing else...dont you think we DESERVE to make a living and support our families?
    i think that many of the nurses who say they dont care about the money dont have to. i wasnt talking about you..i dont recall your saying that.

    I have kids to support so money is important to me.
  8. by   Q.
    I agree ThisNurse, but I think providing and supporting your family is one thing, and asking for 80K is another.
  9. by   wildtime88

    What do I have to do to get this through your thick skull.

    Hospitals are already paying 80k per year and more for nurses.

    An agency nurse who is making even $30 dollars per hour is being hired out to hospitals at $45 an hour or more, usually more.

    Just at $45 an hour, that equals $93,600 a year.

    It is not a matter of asking for it. It is already being done.

    And I repeat no one and I mean no one is laughing any nurse out the door. Hospitals are contacting agencies with a needs list to fill.
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  10. by   PhantomRN
    Nurses who have more experience should make more money, period. I certainly do not think it is unreasonable for an experienced nurse to make 80,000 a year.
    I know in a few of the major cities, such as Boston, they do.
  11. by   Q.

    You are starting to appear bipolar. Don't get so nasty, for christ's sake.
    You are acting as if $80 is just sooooooooo normal and that I am the psycho one for thinking it isn't.

    I don't know ANY bedside nurse (and I am not talking about flippin agency or travelers, Wild - so please eliminate them from your argument) that is making $80,000 a year - STRAIGHT TIME. And I have said that this type of salary is INSANE for a nurse with limited experience, let alone new grads.

    Yes, hospitals, based on what you are telling me, are already paying that for that amount (if not more) for agency nurses and travelers - however, we for example only utilize one traveler. That hospital is not paying it's entire nursing staff of 2,000 that amount - so it's not like there is some endless pot of money. Also, perhaps agency or travelers are actually cheaper for the hospital rather than paying a nurse time and half and call in bonuses. I don't know - it's just a thought. Secondly, you didn't address the fact then that based on your statement, agencies are just as guilty for holding out on the nurses - if they are able to dictate a price and only give the nurse a small portion. Why aren't you also hounding the agencies for a bigger piece of the pie?

    Secondly, if $80,000 is so normal, why aren't you clearing that? And if you are (seeing as you left the nursing profession for basically a sales type/commission job) why did you leave the profession? You make it seem like if a nurse could clear 80K straight time that we would solve the nursing shortage. Well...despite this FACT that nurses are "making this all the time in areas of the country" we lost one nurse already......YOU.

    You are not making sense.

    And you will not change my mind about paying a new grad this amount. A nurse with 15 years of experience should probably be making 80K as a bedside nurse, but certainly not one of MY limited experience. That is all I am saying Wild. Now drop your defenses and READ what I am saying.
  12. by   wildtime88
    Susy, actually trying to get you to see anything is useless and pointless. In the past, there have been multiple discussions on these various subjects that you actively participated in. Please fill free to look them up using the search function.

    It is apparent that either the information that goes in is not stored or that it is not processed. Either way, this is a fruitless conversation and that has become more than apparent by following your previous posts. It will have to go on without my involvement because I do not have the time nor the desire to play with you. I am sorry but you act like you just showed up on this board yesterday when in fact you have been coming here regularly for a long time.

    If anyone else besides Susy has any relevant questions, then I will be happy to answer them or explain.
  13. by   Q.
    Gee Wild, I just LOVE it when you bail out on a debate.

    It always appears that the more questions that are asked of you, the more suspicious and angry you get - for example, when I asked you how is it that a hospital pays $100,000 to the agency for an agency nurse a year - I honestly didn't know, and why would I? I'm not an agency nurse and have no desire to be. So I then ask you, in a serious manner, and somehow that lit your fire.

    And I have no idea why. Underlying issues, perhaps? I also don't know what in the hell you mean about me acting as if I am new here? Whaaaaaatttt????? Oh, if you mean that people can't grow and form opinions, well then I am guilty. I know my opinion about pay doesn't matter, because, according to you, it's negated as I don't have kids to support. Gee, how dare I make that choice. What nerve.

    Good luck in your conquest to get $80,000 for a nurse with..and I will say it again...
    LITTLE OR NO EXPERIENCE (ie NEW GRAD) as that is what I have disagreed with for so long throughout these posts. I suspect if that happens, the nursing shortage will end very quickly.