Am I wrong???

  1. I just got my nursing license in 11/07 and I work with some nurses from my classes. And I work in a nursing home. I was working with 2 classes mates and they let one go for not doing her duties like they wanted. And the other one is the same just doesn't complete tasks but they work with her. But hold me to a higher standerd. And tell my boss tells me "she is a new nurse be patient." and this annoyies me. Because they expect me to do more and put more work on me like monthly paper work but at the end of the day they say well what ever the other nurse doesn't finish, I need to get done(I don't even work in the same hall) Is this right or am I wrong to feel a little frustration. Should this really bother me?????
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  3. by   TazziRN
    I'm not quite sure what you're saying about holding you to a different standard.......sounds like they're definitely giving you extra work that isn't your responsibility. Or it could be that they see potential in you that you may not see in yourself.
  4. by   Tweety
    It doesn't sound right that since you both graduated together your manager is not having the same expectations. However, not all new people are created equally. Maybe your manager sees that this person is not really being lazy, but trying, and has the potential to make it and just needs more time than you did.

    It's sad that those of us that are the hardest most conscientious workers get the shaft.
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  5. by   Woodenpug
    In the spirit of "If you can't beat them..."
    I like some of the ideas in this book:
    Sullivan, E. (2004). Becoming Influential. New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc.
  6. by   ASSEDO
    If you feel it, it must be happening. If you think you are being used and loaded down with work, you probably are being used. Keep your antenna tuned. May need to speak up or job hunt unless you are happy with doing someone else work.
  7. by   llg
    People who perform well are often held to a higher standard. That's true in many aspects of life. If we see talent and leadership potential in someone, we come to expect a higher level of performance.

    For a new grad nurse, that means letting them progress at a faster pace ... perhaps taking them off orientation a little early or letting them begin charge responsibilities or preceptor earlier in their careers than is average. For a new grad who is struggling, we often give them a little extra support and time to develop competence. We tolerate their weaknesses for a while to see if they can learn and grow into the job. Most people feel it is appropriate to treat people (employees) as individuals and not expect everyone to progress at the same pace.

    If you really feel that you are being abused and/or need additional help to do your job, then by all means address that issue. However, before you do, make sure that this is not simply a case in which you and your former classmate are progressing at different rates and your employer is trying to respect that and treat you as individuals with different needs. What are the expectations for nures with a year or two of experience? You wouldn't want to give yourself a reputation as being a whiner when it is really just a case in which the manager is pleased with your performance and trying to treat you with respect by recognizing your competence and treating you like a competent nurse rather than a beginner.
  8. by   Nurse Beth
    I had a similair experience and once I saw what
    was happening, there was no going back emotionally.

    Meaning it didn't get easier to deal with because it
    was essentially unfair, and if anything, I only
    continued to see more and more "evidence"
    of my belief as time went on.
    I feel that it's human nature to want fairness,
    and disparity can be a dissatisfier.

    In my case, it was essentially an inexperienced manager who
    allowed this to continue, and fortunately,
    we had some heart to heart talks about the matter-
    including the person who was performing
    below par.
    The manager was very open minded and responsive-
    work was redistributed and it all worked out.

    Usually when I ask "Am I wrong..?"- I already know the answer.
    LOL just ask my husband- i.e. does outfit look wierd?

    best of luck:spin: