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I was noticing something tonight at work . . . .When I was doing my charting my hands were shaking so bad that I could hardly write. I have never ever noticed that before, and I am kind of worried. I... Read More

  1. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Kinda typical. Human nature is so easily defined.
    Originally posted by sjoe
    By clicking on the "profile" button of anyone's posts, and scrolling down to and selecting "put this person on my ignore list," you don't have to read any future posts from this person.

    I highly recommend its use.
    Uh huh

    originally posted by futurern_mandi ...a psych resident that keeps her hands in her pants 98% of the day put her whole fist inside my mouth yuck!!!!
    i managed to vomit like 3 times tonight, but i dont think thats why my hands were shaking so bad....'s enough to make me's no wonder your hands poor thing!!!

    watch-out for those smelly-yucky hands now!!!!
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    Originally posted by Peeps Mcarthur
    Ya know, when people take the time to post something that communicates that they care, then your responses should show the same concern for detail. Your response makes it look like your just getting material for a paper or something.

    If you don't you'll miss alot of good input when you really need it because people will quit responding to you posts.

    It doesn't have to be literary prose, but people around here expect you to give back what they put in.
    Whats that sapposed to mean? Who is that directed towards.
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    On Thursday I was working, and things wee going alright, not good, but usually tolerable for me, and then I went out on a break and burst into tears. I don't even know why I did this, but it happened. I cried for a good 15 minutes, and then I went inside and the tremors stopped. and now it is saturday and I havnt had tremors since. I would like to thank everyone for their advice. And I will kep you up to date.
  6. by   tattooednursie
    I think you all are mad at me now, arent you.
    originally posted by futurern_mandi
    i think you all are mad at me now, arent you.'s just late (at least on the east coast)...that's all. hang in there - o.k.!!!

    luv - moe.
  8. by   MishlB
    I am curious...if you are 17, what kind of nursing are you doing where you are charting? Are you a student, or a CNA? I didn't realize you could be working as a nurse at 17.
  9. by   Sleepyeyes
    Originally posted by FutureRN_Mandi
    I think you all are mad at me now, arent you.
    nope. not at all. ((((Get Better, k?))))
  10. by   mario_ragucci
    Originally posted by sharann
    Mario, you can smoke yourself into emphysema and cancer and drink your liver into cirrhosis if yo wish to. I personally don't feel as if these behaviors should be applauded though. You will soon be a nurse, and you know better. Denial is a killer.
    Thats's my biliruben, lol. I ain't said I advocate drinking and smoking. All I said is that if you want to, go right ahead.

    Whats worse: denial or surpression? :chuckle
  11. by   KRVRN
    Soooo, she's flamed because she didn't give an update for 3 days?!

    Not everyone gets on this board every day.
  12. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Who flamed?
  13. by   baseline
    HOLY MOLY !!! I just read this entire thread and am now so confused!!! Phew! I have no idea where y'all went.....different directions from what I can figure.... :-)

    Mandy...take care of yourself !