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Hello everyone, I need your help. During a meeting with my Clinical AdvisorI was brated for a writing a paragraph in one of my reflections. I wrote about a violent patient that I had one... Read More

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    I think it's interesting that if a person spits on a police officer it is considered assault, but if they spit on a nurse it's just part of the job...
    Ya know, this is exactly what I was thinking as I read this.

    Just because I am a nurse does not mean I should come to expect to come into contact with other peoples "funk", no matter what it is. Aids, hepatitis, IT DOES NOT MATTER. I'd smack the s**t out of any other human being that spit on me, why should I take it once I put on my scrubs? What about my rights

    If a patient spit on me, you can bet I would have a mask on them. So, no, I don't think this question was inappropriate, or that you are off-base.

  2. by   mlb69
    I feel you pain fellow psych nursing student. I was almost dismissed from my nursing program for BS (in my view) reasons. They tried to play the "unsafe" practice thing with me but that quietly was retired b/c there is nothing in my file that would suggest this. And as for what happened; we were on a med-surg floor for a psych rotation. The pt's sodium was 130, and K 5'ish. I went straight to Fluid and Electolyte as a nursing diagnoses but I was also told my 1st Priority Diagnoses is to monitor the thought processes... Kind of hard to do when a patient is about to go into seizures, cardiac arrhythmias, or straight up coma... I almost laughed right at her when she said that, but, I bent over and took it without any KY and am finishing the semester.. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do my friend to get through. Doesn't matter about what you know really just matters about how much you can kiss dat A$$
  3. by   April, RN
    Your instructor was the one out of line making comments about your mental stability. Also, she is wrong about never putting a mask on a patient under any circumstance. As someone else mentioned, there are times when we put masks on patients.

    There was nothing wrong with you asking the nurse about the appropriateness of placing a mask on a spitting patient. Her reaction as an instructor is likely going to cause students to be afraid to ask questions during clinicals... not good.
  4. by   NurseAdida
    Most psych intsructors are a little mentally unstable...thats what my psych instructor used to say. I heard she got fired for verbally abusing a student...oh those days!!!
  5. by   abbaking
    Although you may not realize this, YOU have the upper hand here. Since your instructor questioned your thinking/judgement and made insinuations about your mental capacity, you are victim of slander and defamation of character. Certainly a nice reminder to your instructor and the dean of the program could be helpful.