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  1. hi there! i am new to this kind of forum and i just wanted to say that i have enjoyed reading so many of the comments. all of the wonderful positive energy you give to each other is great. i am a full time nursing skills lab coordinator in a 2 year program and a part time er nurse. i think nursing is my life. anyway--keep up all of your support to each other.
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    Welcome Lucke! I remember one excellent skills (lab) instructor I had. She was so patient. No overbearing and she would mentor you. I remember taking her a present when I graduated since I had her for all my skills........she was touched.

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    welcome aboard. glad you are joining us.
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    Welcome to allnurses. You will find alot of support, insightful thoughts, information, and humor here.
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    Glad to have you here!!!
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    Your position sounds very intriguing. How many students does your program seat? Our program is relatively small, so skills lab is a joint faculty responsibility.
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    Nice to see you!!!
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    VickyRN- My job can get a little confusing. Our program consists of about 150 students that are divided up among 4 campuses (1 main campus and 3 branch campuses). We have 3 Nursing Labs (mostly because of distance as our campuses are spread out and divided by the Grand Canyon. Two of our labs are manned by faculty on the respective campus and I am located on the main campus. My job is to supervise the students on two of the campuses and make sure that the other campuses are conforming to our curriculum as far as skills. I also make sure that the labs are set up appropriately for the skills and that there are enough supplies etc. I am very fortunate in that my faculty appreciate me.
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    Welcome aboard
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    Glad your hear. Join the fun:roll