1. Hi i have had a feeling of phlegm in my chest and throat now for about a month or so, our insurance hasnt kicked in yet, but i have been taking a cough med to break it up, my question is everytime i make myself cough to get it out, i feel something at the bottom of my throat like try to come up but then goes back down like i am not coughing hard enough, could this congestion be due to a nasal congestion with drip that i always have, i have never been checked for allergies but i am scared of this feeling of something trying to come up then goes back down....Sorry so long..Michelle
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  3. by   z's playa
    I'm not a nurse yet but I'm thinking if you stand on your head....just kidding. I get that too sometimes and it'll come up eventually. In my experience it has.I'm sure that an x-ray later can put some worry to rest.

    I'm hope you'll get a more experienced answer than this soon.
  4. by   nurseygrrl
    If you've had this for a month and it hasn't gotten worse, I would suspect allergies. I get that sometimes also and was told bu an ENT that post nasal drip causes irritation to your throat and makes it feel as if there's a lump in it. I don't think it sounds like something to worry too much about. I hope you feel better!
  5. by   live4today
    Try some honey and lemon full strenth. Also, drinking milk, drinking orange juice and/or eating ice cream might help you cough it up. Those remedies always work on me. Good luck!
  6. by   Angela Mac
    when you do cough it up? what is the color & consistency.......

    I wrote a little jingle- hope it helps

    If it is clear or its white, you are alright
    If its yellow or green, you need to be seen
    If its brown, put your cigarettes down
    & if its red, you will need a hospital bed

    And if you have a fever, or pain in your chest, or difficulty breathing, or being short of breath- see a Physician right away.
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  7. by   Farkinott
    If you are a smoker you may have killed the cilia which help bring phlegm and other crap up. I used to smoke but the cilia do come back. Just a thought.