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  1. by   dknunges
    Quote from nursemike?
    Patients go bad, but one of the best nurses I work with is also one of the least dramatic. She is always calm, even in emergencies, Never unpleasant to anyone, and one of the most efficient people I've ever seen in any field. Her aides say she works them harder than anyone else, but they love her, because she works just as hard, and its all about the patient. She's a mentor and a role model, and a friend if you need one, and anyone on my floor would know exactly who I'm talking about. I can't remember the last time she had a patient code--of course, we don't always work the same shift, but from what I've seen, she doesn't have many emergencies because she anticipates them and intervenes before it gets that bad.
    I don't honestly know if I'll ever be half the nurse she is--this last semester has taught me a lot about humility--but at least I do know what to aspire toward.
    The nurse you speak of sounds like the very first nurse I worked for after I graduated. After working with her for several months I decided this is the type of nurse I want to be. She was a role model for me and I have always strived to be like her. To this day I think about her often (after 25 years) and ask myself what Harryett would do in this situation! :angel2:
  2. by   dknunges
    Quote from gwenith
    A good nurse knows the difference between what a patient wants and what they need in order to get better - a great nurse will give a patient what they need over what they want but the best nurses give the patient what they need to get better and make them believe it is what they always wanted!!!
    Just one of the may traits of a truely good nurse
  3. by   Judee Smudee
    Interestingly enough, I have only known a few nurses that I would consider bad. However, I have know a lot of good nurses who were having a bad day. I include myself in that.
  4. by   BeachNurse
    Quote from SWFlorida
    Perhaps the key here is the word "dealing" Is this as in Poker? In general most nurses are great poker players because they have mastered the art of the stone face stare, as in "I can't believe you came into my ER with a complaint of sunburn" Never ever play poker with a nurse, the nurse will win everytime.

    Question answered..... who is our next contestant?
  5. by   susannyc
    Most of the bad nurse/good nurse stuff has to do with the patient's perception of the situation. I once told a diabetic that eating a pint of Haagen Dazs is a not really a good idea, and suggested other food choices. The patient screamed loudly that I was persecuting him! A visitor thought I was discriminating against his relative when I said that watering the patient's flowers would have to wait a minute as my hands were busy. I was kneeling on his roomie's bed doing CPR and screaming for help at the time. No, he didn't go to the doorway and get me some help, he told me I was lazy, and reported me to the supervisor when the code team arrived. I've also been called a bad nurse when I asked the patient to turn off the TV so I could do an admission assessment or discharge teaching, asked a drunk, abusive visitor to leave the unit and given an incontinent Alzheimer's patient a shower. I've given up on the whole good/bad thing and, after 31 years, chart what I was supposed to do and whether or not the patient permitted me to do it.