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I knew it was too good to last forever. Today, in a meeting with my company's regional director of operations and the corporate nurse consultant, my Executive Director and I learned that we will... Read More

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    Well, today everything came to a head at work......everything I've dreaded to confront for the four months since my evaluation was due.

    It was the single worst evaluation I've ever gotten in 30+ years of working. I deserved every crappy mark too. But remember what I've said about my boss being arguably the most decent man on the plane? Yep, he really is, and now I have a yardstick against which to measure my future performance, a clear-cut set of goals, and best of all.....ALL of it is fixable. And even though the overall picture looks bad to the casual observer, he and I both know I'm better than this.

    I even got a 3% raise. Even though I wouldn't have given myself anything. "You just need some incentive," said my boss. The only caveat was, he wasn't going to make it retroactive to October. I think I can handle that.

    Then he wanted me to lay on the table the problems I've had, both personally and in the workplace, and that's what was hardest. I told him I didn't want to burden him with all that. He said, "Get the (profanity) over it." IOW, he can deal with anything as long as he KNOWS about it and doesn't get blindsided. I understand that too.

    THEN he asked if I thought working 4 10-hour days would be more helpful for my mental and emotional health. That means 3 days off, every week. Yeah, I think I can handle that......I never have done well with with 5-day weeks; four are better even if the days are longer. He said he will work with me in any way possible to help me stay in the game---any schedule, any time. What he didn't say was that Corporate knows I have an ADA case if accommodations aren't made for my condition and I lose my job. I know that too. But he made it clear that he WANTS me to succeed, because he knows "when you're at your best, you are the best."

    This will be the first time in my life that I haven't walked away from a job when the going got tough. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks; and maybe even people who have challenges can be respected and successful.

    I'm about to find out, anyway. Moving forward..........
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