ADN and BSN clinical requirements

  1. I'm a BSN, and I can honestly tell you that yes, for the most part, ADN students get more clinical experience. My school was great and we got a lot of clinical, but from what I understand, this is the exception to the rule.
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  3. by   ShannonB25
    Hey, this is a really valid question. My BSN program offers 2 clinical days a week from the first semester of the program. Averages out to ~1200 clinical hours by the end of my BSN program. From what I've been told both from ADN students as well as faculty, my program actually offers more than the ADN programs do in my particular state. Those ADN programs are excellent as well though and produce great nurses. I will say that I was told by a nurse the other day that you learn 40% of what you need in school and the other 60% on the job. As I am still as student, I can't really say yet if this is accurate, but I'm kinda figuring that there will still be a lot to learn in preceptorship and the first year or so on the job (not to mention throughout the rest of my career!) Thanks for posing a great question

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  4. by   janine3&5
    I'm in my last few weeks of an ADN program-we've only done one 8h shift/week all throughout the program (5 semesters). At the end of the last semester, we do a 108 hour preceptorship in the area of our choice. Not a whole lot of time- roughly 600 hours!
  5. by   crnasomeday
    I'm a student in a BSN program, and I'm curious about something. I keep hearing that ADN students go through much more clinical time then BSN students. Can somebody please tell me more about this? Like, how many hours a week do ADN programs devote to clinicals? Thanks for you replies!

  6. by   Speedy1RN
    I graduated with an ADN in 93. I don't know that we had more clinical hours than a BSN but I believe ADN students get started with clinicals earlier in the game. For me it was during second semester of the first year. If I can recall we started with two eight hour shifts. I did do a seven week preceptorship in the local ER (which is where I've been since) that had three eight hours shifts per week. I hope this helps!
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