Ad camgaigns for more nurses?

  1. Am I crazy or will it take more than a few ads to lure graduating high school students to come work in an over-worked and under-paid field? How about increasing base salaries, bonuses, and lowering our out-of-pocket insurance costs that have been rising sharply? How about more respect from a few "cantankerous" docs? I find that the sole effort of ad campaigning as a weak attempt to spur the market. I'm sure that a few good people will go for it, but not as many as we will be needing. If the hospitals and other related facilities would begin to listen to their staff, they may be able to solve the problem that lies ahead. The critical nursing shortage. The hospitals should investigate other fields, such as computer-related fields, where the pay and compensation packages are competitive enough to lure people. That's where all those new high school graduates are going. I'd love to hear some input?
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  3. by   chicagonurse
    I like the ads but don't think that it will make people enter the field.
  4. by   ERNurse752
    I like the notion behind the ads, but it's just "sugar-coating" the profession.
    It still doesn't solve any of the issues behind why there actually is a nursing shortage...
  5. by   colleen10
    I agree with Chicago and ER Nurse but I also think and HOPE that the ads act as "Good PR" to those in the general public. It may be a first step in getting the nursing profession more respect, recognition, etc. as we have discussed on this board before.

    I live in Pittsburgh and we have many, many hospitals, teaching hospitals, etc. I have seen on T.V. and on the radio ads for UPMC (University of Pitt Medical Center) ( one of our regions largest medical groups) trying to get nurses "Back to Bedside Nursing".

    The ads are aimed at nurses who may want to get out of medicine and those that have taken medical management jobs. They promise more recognition, benefits, and increased pay for bedside nurses and reward "career longevity at the bedside". I don't know any UPMC nurses so I don't know what the real benefits are.

    I have seen this ad run frequently in the past month.
  6. by   oramar
    To Colleen 10, I have seen those ads also. So far no one I know has been inspired to leave their non bedside job and go back to the bedside. Zee is talking about going back but the ads have nothing to do with her decision. However, it just might start some people who have left nursing completely to think about going back. One of the things old timers like myself remember very well were all the promises made back in the late 80's during the last shortage. Seems like a lot of promises that were made back then were very quickly broken. I am sorry but I have a real problem with trust.
  7. by   Cascadians
    Ads may lure idealistic persons into nursing, but once one WORKS a couple years, the reality hits with a whallop.

    Keeping nurses will be difficult for hospitals who are so far away from safe nursing practice.

    Right now, the rewards simply do not compensate for the overwhelming responsibility.
  8. by   TracyB,RN
    I just saw a huge billboard for a local hospital. It had an 800# to call to apply to work for "our 4 star team." What a load of garbage! Billboards & TV ads really are just proof that healthcare isn't about "caring" anymore. It's about service & waiting on people & getting no respect for our knowledge, compassion, & hardwork. FOOEY!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   cbs3143
    Have you seen the Johnson & Johnson ads on TV? They probably make people think that every workday is an emotionally rewarding experience, instead of the gut-busting struggle for survival that it too often is. They should have a subscripted message from the Surgeon General stating that a career in nursing may be hazardous to your health.
  10. by   capgirl
    I too have seen the Johnson & Johnson ads, and I do kinda like them, I think I dare to care.........but I must have missed the part of the commercial where the nurses' shoes got puked on....these ads are REALITY right?????
  11. by   ma kettle
    i work for the pittsburgh based UPMC. Actually the hosptia; I work for will have the complete take over this year. I hear all kinds of rumors. So far not much good. Do't believe the adds. they are miss leading and pay scales are not for all bedside nurses.
  12. by   rnoflabor2000
    I agree with all, whole-heartedly. If anything it MAY (quote on May) create a community with more respect for Nurses, but not lure many in. With the fact that TV and movie portrails of nurses are generally in poor taste (quote again on generally), we have struggled to not be the dumb, sex symbol that most shows see us as. PS-Kudos to ER at least. Although the ratio of nurses to doctors is way off. It is very unfortunate how we are portraited. And a whole new thread just waiting to happen.