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To get an overall basic view of salaries in the United States as well as a rough average of salaries please take part. This is for nurses who perform the duties as outlined by many clinical based... Read More

  1. by   ngbaseball
    I want to be in that 50 dollar range
  2. by   skrnypa
    Quote from pabamick
    I have been an RN with a BSN for 27 years, and make $26 an hour. My daughter is going to be a civil engineer in one year. She will either make more money that me or almost as much as I do know.
    We've been emplyed almost the same amount of years and make almost the same amount of money. I started as a diploma nurse but got a BSN. My daughter is an accountant and at 26 makes as much as I do- and her salary can only go up- she's working on her MBA.
    I second everything you say. Honestly, when I talk to girls about future choices and options, I don't even mention nursing.
  3. by   aloevera
    I want to know who is in that 50.00 range, too !!!!

    I have over 25 yr. nursing exp. and make 24.00/hr. I do think that the location has much to do with salary...here in the south, pay is less than my northern friends....I think average in Md. is about 30-35/hr. and what unit you are on may have effect, too...
  4. by   nan1993
    I have 25 years plus and only now make over 30.00 an hour. I work in AL but not all of our state has the same wages. I do know that all nurses at my hopital make over 55,000 per year, even new grads.I talked with a travel nurse for an assignment close to my state, she was astounded at how much I made as a staff nurse. I passed on the travel assignment.
  5. by   ancientnurse
    28 years as an RN. Currently here in Anchorage 40+ hourly with a cap I believe at 45 per hour.
  6. by   tryingmybest
    I work in Austin, Tx and make almost 29.00/hr and am fine with that....I love the people I work with, but the patients and their families are a challenge EVERY day. Sometimes I feel like if I were to make twice that it isn't enough....I keep my chin up and my smile on.
  7. by   chambalam
    IHC in Utah pays new grads $21.40/hr.
  8. by   woknblues
    This thread has a 6 year bump. I suggest someone lock it down. At the very least, the info is quite dated (7 years!)