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So here I was running my tailfeathers off the other night! One, I was part of the code team, and had to run to the ER to assist with a code...code save :). Then a nurse who has never done an NG... Read More

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    Jay Jay you are soooooo right! I have friends and pts that can't get into see their docs or psychs for months! That is why I do listen and be compassionate...even if I suspect something different with the situation. YOu just never know...so best to be open!

    I see many folks come in with SI that do that very same thing...helping others so much they have nothing left on their own plate! Many of my friends do this and I have to remind them all the time that you can't serve if you have nothing spare to give!
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    Quote from clemmm78
    My brother committed suicide almost two years ago, he was 35 years old.

    I think that in most cases, those who try to kill themselves, or succeed, don't want to die, they just don't know how to live any more. Whatever pain is driving them does not allow them to see the reason of living and, in their minds, the only way to stop the pain, is by not being able to feel it any more.

    Wearing my amateur psychology hat, I feel that is why many also drink heavily or take drugs. As long as they can numb the pain that way, they're managing. But, eventually, the pain requires more, and they only see death as the way out.

    Interestingly, a social worker friend of mine pointed out that most people who do commit suicide think of it and set it up several times before they actually do it. In other words, it's highly doubtful that JP (my brother) just tried this one time. She said that most of the time, they have plans and are serious about them, but they are interrupted by something, like a phone call, or an unexpected event that delays their actions. Oddly enough, that helped me feel a bit better about things.

    Sorry if I hijacked the thread - I just wanted to present the other side.
    Using drugs and alcohol is a very common way to deal with mental illness-it's a way to numb the horror that can go on inside the brain. I've had both family members and friends get deeply into alcohol to numb both depression and mania. Three of my cousins later went on to die by suicide after extended use of alcohol in an attempt to self-medicate the illness away.

    I also know that for a percentage of people, there is no treatment that is effective for their depression. For those sufferers, no amount of compliance or creativity on their part when it comes to medications and treatments they try help them to feel well. They can live for years, decades even, facing the depression every single day, day in and day out.

    For those people, suicide is a relief from intractable emotional, mental and physical pain. If the pain could be taken away and kept away for good, suicide would not be a choice. People who have never lived with major mental illnesses for months and years at a time could not even begin to understand this.

    As for the suicidal person thinking things through and setting things up many times in their mind beforehand, the social worker was very right; it's also true that the suicidal will 'learn' from failed attempts, both their own and those of others, to help increase the lethality of any future attempts. One or two failures can often help the person refine their methods to increase the odds of success in future attempts.

    And just as there are pro-ana websites that help young women in self-starvation, there are also websites and books to help the suicidal to increase their chances of success, either directly (here's how to do it) or indirectly (I tried to kill myself by doing X; they said if I'd taken more/waited longer/etc, I wouldn't have survived).
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    Quote from earle58

    i quickly said "oops" to God then followed w/"i bet you wish you hadn't made me such a handful.".
    we had a chuckle together.

    OMG, I laughed so hard I almost peed myself. I LOVE IT! I have often wondered if God looks at me sometimes and thinks "Oi, what was I thinking? I gave her a temper and a brain, why can't she use them both at the same time????