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hey guys, I found this note sitting on my med cart when I went into work the other night..... if you think your actions do not have an affect I'm gonna share this with you to show you that they do,... Read More

  1. by   Stargazer
    Isn't it amazing how you can feel completely wrung out and empty, and then one comment or note from a patient or family can charge you up for, like, another 6 months?

    I remember every thankful comment and have kept every note or card I ever got from a patient. I'm sure the card, and the sentiments were well-deserved, Wendy.
  2. by   Kayzee
    Thanks for sharing Wendy. It is the little things
  3. by   micro

    you are a light!!!!!



    we all need that from our patients in our care and from our coworkers..........let alone management............what the world needs now.....is.......

    and ditto.....
  4. by   nurseleigh
    As a student, you have just reaffirmed my desire to enter into this profession. Some days I leave clinical wondering why I ever enrolled in this program and then a family member or pt will say a simple "thank you" and I go home happy.

    I just hope that I can become as good of a nurse as you obviously are.

  5. by   mattsmom81
    So true...and isn't this why we became nurses in the first place...not to get the 'thank you' card necessarily, (a heartfelt hug is even better in my book) but to know you have touched a life...and made their world a little better or more comfortable even for a short time..that is so very rewarding in itself.

    I keep my thank you cards too, Wendee...to reread on a low point in my life and reaffirm myself.

    Thanks for sharing.