a few more abbreviations? - page 3

what dioes I&O stand for??? its says i&O=qshift... and what does prn stand for ? (something to do with meds) also for meds it says tazocin 4.5g IVPB q8h that means 4.5g of it every 8hours but... Read More

  1. by   nurseleigh
    First, i really think nurses should stick together and help each other when necessary.

    However, I have only been in nursing school for one month and i knew every abbreviation she needed to know. Also, I have, and she should too, a medical dictionary with abbreviations in it. On top of all that, i did a quick search(5 minutes) and found a website with all of the abbreviations there too. Now she obviously has access to the internet. So I have to assume that she just didnt feel like taking the innitiative to find them herself.

    As for the rest of you, what if i just start putting my homework questions up here for you to answer for me instead of opening my textbooks to find them myself. I'm sure that after the first few you too would get irritated with me.

    P.S. frappachino here is the link for the abbreviations. I hope it will help you out. Good luck with the rest of your school and dont let anyone get you down.