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I am a brand new nurse and working at LTC setting and have had problem with a CNA who has a certain relationship with DON. She has showed lack of respect on the day I started working here. For... Read More

  1. by   kids
    Originally posted by RN2B2005
    ...I still don't understand why the original poster wouldn't want the patient to finish her full dose of meds, but that's another thread.
    It is not a matter of the poster not wanting the patient to finish the full dose of meds:

    Originally posted by Yonsei94RN
    ... today, when I gave meds with pudding on it to a residents, she refused to take the last bite. the CNA who stood there snatched the last spoon from me and gave it to her...
    The point is:

    The patient had refused the remaining bite (her right).
    The CNA took it out of the posters hand (rude) and administered it to the patient anyway (illegal).
  2. by   RN2B2005
    I didn't understand that the patient had actually REFUSED the last bite of medication, and that the CNA forced her to eat it. And as I said before, when I first read the post, it wasn't clear that the CNA had taken the medication from the RN's hand. When that was made clear, her (the RN's) anger made a lot more sense.

    Thanks for clearing that up.
  3. by   Flo1216
    What makes a CNA qualified to tell an RN how to do her job? IF I were the RN, I would have laughed right in her face and gone about my business. I don't see how someone with a CNA education can delegate tasks to someone with an RN education. Am I missing something???
  4. by   Brownms46
    Flo you're not missing a thing, because I didn't and still don't get it either! I was totally floored when I met resistance from the powers that be, when I complained about this CNA! I just watch in amazement sometimes, but only when she is doing this with others. I have been told there, I can be pretty blunt..:chuckle...what else is new...:chuckle
  5. by   mattsmom81
    Flo, you have not encountered someone like this CNA yet but you will in time.

    They operate in a manner that says "You are a screw up" and put others down on the job. I have worked with nurses like this too...who barge into everyone else's business and try to take over...it feeds something in them to behave in this overly aggressive way. They enjoy making others feel insecure.

    Usually they have impressed someone in authority or are friends or lovers with same, I've found. Yup it's very dysfunctional but there seems to be one in just about every facility.

    I had a unit secretary that did this...she was close with the director of the unit. She did lots of extra things to make this director's work easier. She also was a snitch for her...and told her everything that was said when she wasn't there, adding embellishments as she wished. If anyone dared say anything to her, she would make their lives miserable, talk behind her back and spead nasty gossip. She spread a rumor that a married CNA was fooling around with a monitor tech and made this CNA quit ...she was a wonderful CNA too who worked my shift so this was personal and I got involved..

    These are just evil nasty types...I stood up to her, told her I got her number and she better not cross me like this again... and she eventually wore down and moved on (like Brownie's CNA may) but I'm sure she's doing her dirty little deeds in her new job...some folks get a kick out of operating this way for some reason.

    Brownie , how does this work month by month? How much notice will they give you to find another position?

    Yonsei, how are things going there now? Have you resolved anything yet?
  6. by   Brownms46
    Boy do you have this CNA's tag, as you have described her to a tee! In this small town, who is to say who is related to whom here.

    Mattsmom, when they asked us to extend, it was one month before our contract would have ended. So they really haven't extended us for a month, as we were only extended to the end of Jan. This contract would have ended on Jan 11th. So I would expect to have a month's notice before being asked to stay on longer. But either way it goes, I plan on staying until the end of February, But I seriously doubt they will have anyone to replace us by that time anyway. There is supposed to be another traveler coming to take the place of the triage nurse that left.

    I plan to stay here until I get tired of the position. And I agree with you, that this CNA will probably move on soon. I get the feeling, that she doesn't want to work anymore. I'm hoping she continue to stay out, as I'm tired of looking at the way she comes dressed...! She reminds me of some backwoods person.
  7. by   Flo1216
    I have worked with people like this but I don't put up with it. I guess that is what baffles me the most.When I first became a student and a CNA some of the older CNAS tried to boss me around and treated me like I was an idiot. I nipped it in the bud right away. I think because I look younger than I am(today is my birthday...I am 27) people misjudge me and think that I will take crap from them. Usually, they are really nice to me after I let them know I won't stand for it. Almost like (gasp) respect.
  8. by   monkijr
    [quote]originally posted by flo1216
    i think because i look younger than i am(today is my birthday...i am 27)


    happy birthday flo, keep looking younger than you are.
  9. by   Flo1216
    Thanks....now that I have said that, next year I will probably look like a shoe.