A Challenge to Nurses

  1. Under another topic I asked nurses to write to their Senator with their concerns about the "nursing crisis"

    Some of you have and for that I thank you. But over the last few days I have visited a few of these Senator's websites. I am shocked that there is no mention of the "Nursing Crisis"!

    Even on the website of Senator Dayton of Minnesota, where nearly 8,000 nurse in the Twin City area are poised to strike June 1st,
    there is no mention of the "nursing crisis".
    Rising gas prices are mentioned, tax cuts, Vikings-Giants games are mentioned but nothing about nursing.

    I find this unacceptable, and another huge sign of the lack of respect given to nurses.

    Senator's will give their attention to issues that they get the most feedback from their constituents about. We are those constituents. We are not demanding that their attention be put on these issues.

    What does that say about nurses? Are we as a profession suffering from a case of terminal apathy?

    Yes the Senate held hearings 2/13 and 5/17 on the topic of the "Nursing Shortage". How many of you cared enough to listened and find out what they talked about?



    I challenge all nurses that read this. Visit your Senator's web-site. See if there is any mention of the "Nursing Crisis". If you find one that does, post it here, so we can all write that Senator and congratulate them on the outstanding job he is doing to raise public awareness to this impending catastrophe.

    If on the otherhand your Senator's website does not prominently mention the "Nursing Crisis", demand that it does. And start a write in campaign until it does.

    We need people, as Jenny P and the nurses of Minnesota's slogan states, to "Start Hearing Nurses". Could the reason why they aren't, be because you haven't spoken? SPEAK UP NURSES!

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  3. by   PeggyOhio
    I found one!

    Kudos to Senator Wellstone of Minnesota.

    On his homepage he has a photo of the Nurses Rally in Washington D.C. a few weeks ago where they had the empty nursing shoes. Click on the picture to get a larger view.


    Write and thank him!

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  4. by   Jenny P
    Peggy Ohio, I have spent the last hour writing to Sens. Wellstone, Dayton, and Jeffords. Thank you for the easy Senate link. I'm not sure why Senator Dayton doesn't have anything about the nursing shortage on his website, but I noticed he also doesn't have an easy way to email him. I commented about that also in my e-mail. He is not on any Health and Human services committees, so that may be the reason he doesn't comment on health care on his web site. MNA has had 3 nursing rallies this spring around the state and both he and Senator Wellstone attended each of them. He is well aware of our (MNA's) slogan of "Start Hearing Nurses". Now if every nurse would speak up to the people in power, and each nurse would speak up in situations where they can be heard in the general public, we may make a difference.
  5. by   nurs4kids
    Thank you so much for the info and the quick link to the senate. Finally my lazy butt took the time to write my senators. I searched their web sites and as I suspected, neither ever mentioned the word "nurse", let alone "nursing shortage". Anyway, I don't have alot of faith in politicians, but if there's a small chance it will help then a few mins to write a letter is nothing. Again, you're a great inspiration and driving force behind moving nursing into the future. Keep up the good work & thanks again!
  6. by   PeggyOhio
    good4u nurse4kids!

    You are right. One person writing in isn't going to make an impact. But hundreds will. That is why we all have to take personal responsibility to write and get others too also. We can write each others Senator, too.
    Let them know 2 million + nurses are watching them

    Talk about it at work. Get your co-workers to write. Encourage them to get their
    families and friends to write.

    I went to the "Nurse's Rally" in Columbus Ohio on 5/9. It was a two hour drive for me. I had sign's in my car windows and on the hatch, saying "Nurse the New Endangered Species". A lot of people saw that car on the way. I call it my one woman's public awareness campaign. And those sign's will stay there until mandatory overtime is ban in every state in this country. I've already had people tell me they've seen it around town.

    That may be over the top for a lot of people but how about a bumper sticker.

    JennyP I like your groups slogan "Start Hearing Nurses". Do you have bumper stickers that say that?
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    Peggy, Like that slogan "Nurse the new endangered species." Think I'll make up a sign like that for my van and list nursing legislation being proposed. Jenny P-start hearing nurses great too!

    After meeting PA Senator Bell's staff two weeks ago along with my my local hopital Crozer PASNAP leaders, he has signed on as co-sponsor of bill restricting mandatory overtime. I had brought article re effect of mandatory overtime on nurses and PSNA testimony re nursing shortage along with copy of bill. Now have to plan for HAP's counterattack and keep writing legislators.
  8. by   natalie
    For those of you who think your imput to your representatives may not amount to much, I'd like to relate this fish story.

    My husband and all his fishing buddies up here in northern NY were incensed one fishing season a few years back. Now, I'm foggy on the details because I was listening to him with only half an ear. Apparently, whoever in the state determines the outflow of the dams/locks in their favorite fishing hole had cut back the flow due to a dry springtime, thereby cutting back the fishing. I think it was somewhere along the St. Lawrence seaway entering into Lake Ontario. This was a fishing CATASTROPHE and the maniacs all called their state representatives and assemblymen in outrage. Within 48 hours the fish were flowing. Luckily the disaster was headed off! Whew.

    So you see, these elected officials respond to who they get an earful from.
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  10. by   PeggyOhio
    I found another Senator, Senator Hillary Clinton, who mentions the "Nursing Shortage" on the homepage of her website.

    That's two!

    Please e-mail Senator Clinton and congratulate her for her insight into the crucial issues of our nation.


    It could be more prominently mentioned, like the "National Teacher Corp and Principal Recruitment Act". E-mail her and suggest it!
  11. by   Mijourney
    Hi PeggyOhio. I not only write my senators, but I regularly email or write local, state, regional, and national legislators. For my state and national legislators, I tailor my email or letter contents according to the committee that they're serving on.