80 bed hospital to 480 bed...advice???

  1. Hi all,
    Been with a small rural hospital since getting RN 2 years ago and 2 years there as an aid. We got a new CEO and he has brought about many changes. Lots of improvements on the outside...the inside is lacking to say the least. Alot of the employees are ansy. I feel that now is a good time for a change. There are 3 of us looking into a much larger hospital. It seems intimidating to me. I know that all change, good and bad is scary. Any advice/tips on helping make this a good change? I will remain on the tele floor. Some of the patients
    will be more critical, as this is where we send our patients to.

    Thanks for any advice
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  3. by   SICU Queen
    How exciting!!

    I'm thinking that as long as you get a thorough orientation, and feel like you have good resources on your floor, that you'll be just fine. Self study and continuing education are always good things to do as well. Is it possible that the other two coworkers can work a similar schedule to yours, so that you don't feel so alone in the beginning??

    Good luck with this, and look forward with anticipation. Growth is a wonderful thing!
  4. by   newtelenurse
    Yes, that is the good thing. It is a self scheduling floor and they have already told the girls(1 interviewed last Mon. and 1 today) that is an option. I know this is a great opportunity, just need a push.
    PS my interview is Fri at 9, cross your fingers...THANKS!!
  5. by   snowfreeze
    Larger hospitals are just a bigger group of small units which are just as safe and comfortable as the one you are leaving. You will have more continuing education offered and more opportunity of career options.

    Offering a friendly push.
  6. by   gonzo1
    This could be a great thing for you. Remember the size doesn't really matter because you will still only have your set number of patients. Also, working for a bigger place will afford you many new opportunities. You will get to see and work with people and depts that your old place maybe didn't have. Good luck and God Bless.
  7. by   gitterbug
    Stay organized, take advantage of all learning opportunities, do not be afraid to say you need help with an unfamiliar task, practice the "golden rule" with your fellow teammates until you know it will not be returned. I am sure this step up will be one you greatly enjoy. Good luck.
  8. by   crissrn27
    just keep telling yourself.............."they will orient me, not just throw me to the wolves the first day"..........thats what I always tell myself when starting a new job

    Let us know after the interview how it goes!!
  9. by   newtelenurse
    Thanks for all the advice. The good thing is there are 2 other girls from my hospital that will be starting at the same time. I KNOW that I will never get a chance like this again.In my head this is a smart career move. Just hard to leave the "safety" of the familiar. My litte hospital is only 10 minutes down the road and I have been there as an aid/RN for 4 years. I find out Tues. if I got the job. The interview was Fri. I think it went well. OK just wanted to update, THANKS again for all...
  10. by   newtelenurse
    I got the Job!!!! I'm still nervous!!!! I'll keep you all posted. I start on May 21st. Now to type up my resignation.
  11. by   nuangel1
    congrats .you will be fine they will orient you .if you have questions or concerns voice them .goodluck:wink2: