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These were otherwise healthy children who came down with a severe strain of seasonal flu. The original link to the local news is included but takes forever to load so that I decided to use a link... Read More

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    Severe MRSA CAP associated with influenza, Dec 2006 to Jan 2007
    Louisiana and Georgia

    (hat tip PFIF/atropine)
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    I was surprised to read that the parents of the 15 yr old girl that died last month in Connecticut have posted on one of the flu forums. They are saying that the ID docs in Boston questioned them about any exposure of their daughter to poultry or ducks. Of course, it is true that in CT, where I work and they live, the Canadian geese feed in fields of all kinds, farmer's fields as well as athletic fields. This girl played lacrosse in one of those fields.

    I don't think that any of us really believes that we are talking about an avian flu. It seems more likely that some of our seasonal influenzas have picked up some virulent markers, and I don't like to think of where. It certainly is concerning to hear that these docs are asking her parents this kind of question.

    I am so sorry for this family. They are still in shock.
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    It has been a while since I posted on this topic, however--I thought those who follow this topic might be interested in knowing that the little-girl I spoke about has finally been able to leave the hospital-- she came home on April 15th. She still has a trach in place -but it is plugged most of the time- she does use O2 at night. She has been through so much and still has a long way to go.
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    These essays are emotionally charged, and will be difficult to read for that
    reason. With that said, I believe that it is important for parents to be informed in order to make realistic plans to protect their families. The intent
    is not to alarm, but rather to provide necessary information. You can not
    plan if you do not know what the risks are.


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    Frightening. Sad. Scary. I am so sorry about these tragic cases like that of the young girl.


    Does anyone know?
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    FDA Votes Favorably for FluMist for Young Children

    FluMist does not contain thimerosal.

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    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    Frightening. Sad. Scary. I am so sorry about these tragic cases like that of the young girl.


    Does anyone know?
    No, we don't know that it was preventable. No word on whether or not she had been vaxed, and we definitely will not be asking these bereaved people. Right now, emotional support is all that we can offer them.

    All we know is that she had an influenza A, subtype unknown. Some believe that since she was treated in three different hospitals in two different states, and the ID docs were asking the right questions, that surely they saved some of her blood, and were in touch with CDC, and that her virus was sequenced. Maybe if we had the information that we are looking for, then we might be able to prevent some otherwise normal kids from getting sick thru mitigation strategies, but we have to know what viral subtype we are dealing with, and that the strategies need to be implemented.

    Her parents were online looking for answers for why their very strong, healthy, almost 16 yr old daughter died so unexpectedly from influenza when everything possible had been done for her right from the onset.
    I do not have the answers, just more questions.
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    The parents of the 15 yr old that died in April in CT have posted this link today on a flu forum. They are saying that this is what happened to their daughter. She did have multi organ failure. They are not medical people. I do not know what to think. It is very difficult to read their posts because they are grieving tremendously. They are still seeking information from their daughter's doctors about what happened and why.

    From what I understand, this scenario is also consistent with what happened to at least one case in Alabama, but that child survived. At least four of those kids were on ECMO.


    I am not interpreting what any of this means.
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    An unusually virulent form of type A flu virus that progresses to death within 24 hours has parents in Perth, Australia panicked. It would be winter there, the time for a seasonal influenza to hit.

    Look at what happened to their ER departments:



    Quote from http://www.thewest.com.au/default.aspx?MenuID=77&ContentID=33611
    The medical clinic at Joondalup Hospital was forced to close its doors at 8.30 last night when it became unable to deal with any more patients.

    Waiting times at hospital emergency departments blew out by hours, after-hours GP clinics were swamped across Perth and the flu hotline had 130 callers at one time.

    Extra staff were rostered at hospitals over the weekend.
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    They are saying that this flu was an H3, type A influenza, however, they are NOT
    saying which H3. Implying that it should be covered by a seasonal flu shot is not
    the same thing is saying exactly which virus this is. Will they sequence this virus and make those sequences public? If they did, we might begin to understand why
    there was such a rapid progression of symptoms. Twenty four hours from first symptoms to death is unusually severe.

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    Does it sound like they will do autopsies?

    Those poor parents, I can not imagine how they must feel.


    Quote from www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/07/07/1972705.htm
    Health workers in Western Australia are preparing for another busy night as anxious parents seek medical attention for young children who have flu symptoms.

    The Health Department has advised parents whose children have a fever, headache, runny nose or a cough to take them to a doctor after the deaths of three children in Perth in the past week.

    All of the children had Influenza AH3 strain and tests are under way to determine if they had any other infections.
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    Co-infection with Streptococcus implicated in the influenza deaths in Perth, Australia:


    Meanwhile the ability of their healthcare system to cope with the
    increased number of patients being seen is of interest. There are
    valuable lessons to be learned here with regards to surge capacity and
    pandemic flu planning:

    Quote from /abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/07/08/1972994.htm?section=justin
    Hospitals across the Perth metropolitan area are continuing to be inundated with anxious parents whose children have flu symptoms.

    The Princess Margaret Hospital is assessing twice as many children as normal at its emergency department because of fears about a potentially deadly strain of flu.

    Ambulances are being diverted from two outer metropolitan hospitals, Armadale-Kelmscott and Joondalup Health Campus, because of the number of patients.

    Armadale-Kelmscott Hospital has reported more cases of children being taken to emergency departments than normal.

    Princess Margaret Hospital Doctor Robyn Lawrence says about 10 children are turning up to the emergency department every hour.

    "The waits are averaging between two and three hours at the present time," she said.
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    When they say streptococcus, do they mean strep pneumonia?

    These kids were under age 5. Prevnar is a routine vaccination for young children.
    So how would they get strep pneumonia?

    Or do they mean strep pyogenes? Now I am really confused. Help! Which are they referring to? They have not been very clear with this information.

    And even so, from first symptoms to death in 24 hours is incredibly fast. What
    organism could do that?