5 new admissions...on my face! - page 3

Ok, the title probably didn't make much sense, but I was referring to skin. :uhoh3: seriously, 5 new zits in one shift!! Not only that, by the end of the shift I felt a cold sore on my bottom lip... Read More

  1. by   Karl Farmer
    In fact, even day shift is unhealthy if you are woken by an alarm. That means your body was not through healing, so another shock to your body and soul~
  2. by   applewhitern
    Tokmom, it doesn't dry out my face, but my daughter says it does make hers dry. I am 54, but have been using it for so many years, my skin is probably used to it. It doesn't even dry the skin around my eyes. You might want to try cleocin topical gel, for the occassional break-out.