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  1. Hey my name is Trudy
    I am volunteering at a aged care home and doing my certificate 3 in aged care work
    i just was wondering is it normal for head nurses or nurses in general to get emotional its just my boss was telling me something and she got emotional about it i could tell she was upset her eyes where watery the fact was it had nothing to do with her at all
    signed young woman:trout:
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  3. by   bill4745
    Happens to me at times, especially with children. If you don't cry once in a while, you are in the wrong field.
  4. by   Young Woman
    Hey i got your message
    your right but as soon as she was upset she was fine again just like that
    i just dont know with her
    i have only been there for 3 days
    shes really nice to me
    which is good
    but i find it a bit weid at times
    we work in the activites section
    i need advice
    as i work really close with everyone
  5. by   fultzymom
    I think it is normal to get emotional when working with people. Especially if you work in LTC. You are with these people every day, often with them much more than their own family. They become a part of your family. So when something happens to them, you do get upset et emotional. It comes with the field. I would bet that every nurse gets emotional about their patients at some point.
  6. by   WingsEarned21
    My husband used to get upset with me and ask me to find a new job because I would get upset about one of the residents in my LTC that I had grown attached to or I woudl get upset and come home and cry because my favorite resident had passed.I just started working at a LTC facility again and I have only been there a short while but already have my favs and already cried over one death.So it is normal and kinda nice to know that we still have compassion and feelings once n a while and not like we are just robots doing a job and filling a bed.
    I agree with Bill4745. Face it as nurses you see terrible things everyday that the ordinary person would consider a nightmare. There has been times I've been so tore up I had to walk outside the er.. I've been fortunate enough not to have it effect me right then and distract me from the task at hand. But I think it's completely appropriate to get alittle upset or alot for that matter at times. It all depends on what you just went through.
  8. by   StrwbryblndRN
    There may be more to your boss's scenario then what you know. Since it has only been three days just be aware that something may have happened and she does not feel it necessary to explain.
    And just like the other posts have stated, it is normal to get emotional at times.
  9. by   Young Woman
    It just it freaked me out, i know its normal but the thing is someones father died it was one of my co workers i dont know why she got emotional about it
  10. by   Pepper The Cat
    Perhaps she has only recently lost her own father and it brought back memories? Perhaps she knew the man and was missing him? Maybe her someone she loves is dieing and she is worried about that?
    Why would someone getting teary eyed "freak you out" ?
  11. by   Young Woman
    what i mean by freaked out is that it happened suddleny in the hallway
    she told me then she was alright again about 15minutes
    maybe i am making a issue of it
    anyway hi all
  12. by   Young Woman
    Hey does anyone actually read these posts
  13. by   fultzymom
    Quote from Young Woman
    Hey does anyone actually read these posts
    Yeah, that's why we answered. As for being alright about 15 minutes after being so upset, I lost my dad about four months ago et when I am talking about him with one of my friends, I get upset sometimes et then I am ok soon after. When I am upset about it, after I cry about it et then talk, I am ok. And, my friend cries with me. So I do not think it is unusual that she cried about someone else's dad dying.
  14. by   AussieTina
    There may be other factors influencing her emotions as well. She may be having her periods and having hormone problems ( i know i do )
    or she might be experiencing problems outside of work that are leaving her feeling a bit delicate. At the moment i am having issues with my eldest child who is a teenager from hell (love those hormones) this has left me bursting into tears at the worst moments and then being fine again a short time later

    As to if anyone reads these posts, you must remember that most of the people on here are not from Aussie land and so there is a time difference......