16 month shots, improper way given!?

  1. Today, my son got a series of shots, 3 all together. What concerns me is they bring the syringes in like a tray that separates them, they take off the caps and toss the needles back in the tray, wipe off the legs, and then give the shots, then proceed to throw the dirty needles back in there. After the procedure was over I saw the tray closer and it didn't look clean, like residue of sticky stuff and what not. My concerns 1.) are they sterilizing/ cleaning the trays. 2.) they are letting the needles hit the tray before giving the shots, so if they aren't sterilized then their is contamination 3.) they put the dirty needles back in the tray! Maybe I'm being paranoid? I called the doctor and she said she is unsure of their procedure, but will call back. I just feeling like my son was exposed to pathogens if what I'm thinking is true, and wish I would of been more observant of the tray itself, instead I was looking at my son trying to prepare him for the shots 😢
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  3. by   SaltySarcasticSally
    I've worked in many clinics and I find the practice you described odd. I used the steel trays just to carry all the shots but once the needle was uncapped it went straight into the patient then into the sharps bin. I'm sure your son will be fine but its a good thing you brought it to the doctor's attention. That's a needle stick waiting to happen.
  4. by   ivyleaf
    Besides for drawing up meds, the caps should remain on the needles until just prior to giving the injection. Unless the tray is sterile they should not be putting uncapped ready to be used needles in there. Why would you take the caps off before wiping down/being ready to give the injection?? I have given pedi/infant vaccs and that does not seem right
  5. by   roser13
    I'm glad that you reached out to the MD. So often, many procedures take place in MD offices without the MD's knowledge.
  6. by   PurifiedNurse
    I talked to the MD, he thank me and was going to make a change in policy. He said they are sterilized at the end of each day, I pointed out the slight risk of transferring pathogens, which he agreed. Bugs me my son was at risk..
  7. by   applewhitern
    Was this person giving the shots even a nurse? Many doctor's offices and clinics use "on the job trainees" and "medical assistants." Good thing you brought it to the doctor's attention. We have caught problems like this before, and each time the offender wasn't even a licensed nurse.