14 Hours: new TV Movie on 4/3/05, 8PM dealing w/ Hermann Hospital Flood & Evacuation - page 3

14 Hours: new TV Movie on 4/3/05, 8PM dealing with mistreatment of nurses by doctors New York Daily News - Rick: What's up, doc? By MARISA GUTHRIE DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Saturday, March... Read More

  1. by   sjt9721
    I agree with you guys. It was okay...could've been more factually based but then it wouldn't be attractive for the general TV audience.

    My husband also noticed the wrong type of helicopter. We're guessing it was probably easier for the production company to get a Sikorsky than a BK-117 for whatever reason.

    We also had to laugh at how many IDENTICAL flashlights seemed to just appear for each staff member!! :chuckle

    However the TV movie went, it just helped remind me how glad I am to work inland!!!
  2. by   VivaLasViejas
    I watched it last night, and I have to say it was rather refreshing to see nurses portrayed as actual working people instead of window dressing, like they are in "ER" and other medical shows. I could've lived without hearing the surgeon yell at the pregnant lab tech who'd literally risked her life to deliver blood to the OR, and her answer back meekly, "Yes, Doctor"......... otherwise, the movie wasn't half bad.

    BTW.......what's a flashlight?? :chuckle
  3. by   ScrappingTrojan
    Drats, gotta get cable.

    When I read about this incident a while back, I thought it'd make a great movie. Wish I could have watched it.
  4. by   zacarias
    I enjoyed the movie.
    I thought JoBeth Williams did a fine job as playing the administrative nursing supervisor (or whatever she played). She did great. Oh and you know the old lady at the end who was so wonderful to let everyone out before she left the hospital? Well, examine her motives...she just wanted to be the star of the show with all the camera crews! I'm so cynical...
  5. by   bellcollector
    Drat now I read about it. I wonder if there is a way to get a copy of it on video. Anybody know? Maybe I could write to TNT. Probabably not the best movie but I would still love to see one with nurses shown in a somewhat positive light. As far as flashlights we had an incident like that only it was due to power failure due to some work being done and lazy maintenance guy refusing to come in on night shift. Had a heck of a time finding a flash light that worked. Finally one of my aid supervisors went out to the maintenance garage and brought his industrial one in. Did rounds, tube flushes and assessments on a couple of critical's with that darn thing and my aid supervisor. I felt like I was on an episode of MASH or something.