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Does anyone else have issues with working 12 hour shifts? I have been a nurse for four years and I am still exhausted from working 12 hours (not to mention doing two or more in a row). I know, I... Read More

  1. by   Maula, RN
    I work 12 hour night shifts and love it. I am lucky enough to work in the trauma icu and out practice there is that we are able to schedule our own shifts. That way I can schedule 2 days on 2 days off or whatever. If I want a vacation I will schedule 6 together and take the rest of the time off. But here's a warning for females working night shift, a study came out last October that concluded that women who regularly work 3 or more night shifts a week increase their chances of getting breast cancer by up to 60%. I chose the night shifts because of the kids and the $4/hr. shift differential. I don't plan on working this shift forever but for now it is best for me.
  2. by   Zee_RN

    I was working 12-hour shifts. Then I took an admin job in the hospital working steady daylight, five days a week, 8+ hours a day, weekends and holidays off, no nights. Sound good? HATED IT. Couldn't find time to do anything!!! Seemed like I was always at work! Did that for seven months and now I'm back to my 12-hour shifts in ICU.

    I love having time off in the middle of the week. I usually work two 12s in a row and then another later in the week. I spread 'em out. I mostly work days but have to do at least two nights in six weeks (not bad!! it used to be 5). Yes, my legs ache at the advanced age of 43 but that's why God made Advil!!! LOL.
  3. by   oldgirl
    At our place, most shifts are 8 hours, with the exceptions of ER and the critical care units. There are part time positions as well as full time, so there is a fair amount of flexability. Most of the hospitals in this area are set up the same way. Our place is also paying extra $ if you work extra hours-for instance, if you are a scheduled 6 days in a two week pay period, and you work a 7th day, extra pay for that day. It gets you OT pay, even if you are not working over 80 hours. Kinda nice. Have to note though, we are still using a ton of agency folks, still short staffed!!
  4. by   Curlytop
    I am 33 and have worked in ICU for 11 years. I changed to 12-hr day shifts 6 years ago and LOVE it. Thankfully, the unit I work in is pretty flexible with the schedule so I rarely ever work more than 2 shifts in-a-row. (3 in-a-row is too much for me!!). What I have found to really help with the fautigue and exhaustion is exercise. It's true- it really helps increase your energy level and decrease tension and stress!! It's difficult for me at times but I always feel 200% better afterwards. Also, b/c of the way my schedule is with 12-hr shifts, I can take a week off every 2-3 months with only 24 hrs of PTO- now that's a great PLUS!
  5. by   Jay Levan
    Hello Rookie, 12hr. shifts? I eat them like candy, once did 33 straight 12hr. shifts then took a week off and partied MAO went back for 9 more then retreated to normal three or four "On" and "Off" Last month I did 28 out of thirty five night 7p- 7a shifts and I am 57 years old. Ahem, just in case anyone might question my efficiency the Docs in the four E.R.'s I work in the most, all respect my expertise, as well as my eagerness to do the best job possible for my patients. I am an Agency R.N., and enjoy working with all my patients after all these years(29) more so now than ever before, I guess there are those out there that would want to lable me, "Workaholic" comes to mind, but I would say that I am totally in Love with helping others, and so very thankful, that my Lord Jesus has allowed me to serve his children to the best of my abilities, for this long a period of time, and I pray before each shift that he will guide me to do better each day (Night).
  6. by   hpyrn
    I hav just recently changed from 3 12's to 5 8's and also changed jobs. I am exhausted. I dont know how people live working 5 days a week, I feel like now today (saturday) I have to spend the entire day catching up with housework, shopping ect. It bites. I think 4 10's would be best. I guess nothing makes me happy...
  7. by   wiegel34
    I have worked 12's and I have worked 8's. After a while the extra days off are spent trying to get back to normal. I work 8 hour shifts now 8-4:30PM. No holidays or weekends, I feel like a normal person again. The 12 hour shifts are OK when you are young, but as you age they get harder and harder, especially nights.
  8. by   Mama Val
    I love 12 shifts I can get more done and I don't feel like I have to rush around doing everything. We are 7 on and 7 off so its great if you want to plan a vacation. I have pulled up to 2 months straight of 12 hours shifts with only 2 days off somewhere in between. I am a prn worker again and I love being able to get the overtime hours that the full timers can't get. If the company is gonna hand out the money then I am gonna get in line to get some.
  9. by   stressedlpn
    I wk 3 12s in a row fri/sat/sun. and LOVE it Get more OT that way also. I can wk two extra shifts a wk and still have two days off. I admit it was a hard adjustment at first but now I dont think I would want to go back to 8hrs. I get to spend more time with my kids this way instead of being gone 5day/week I'm gone 3 cant beat it
  10. by   NZ RN
    Yeah i am deffinitly begining to like my 12hr shifts. every second week do 3 12s over the weekend, and the other weekend have 3 days off. otherwise its 2 on 2 off. works out at 16 or so hours of built in overtime a month. the first day off after 3 on is deffinitly only for sleep and housework. and do between 5-7 nights a month. it would be hard to go back to the 8hr shifts, especially scince we did 4 on 2 off... thats a weekend off evey six weeks!
  11. by   NZ RN
    also it just seems to be more time to get everything done at work over 12 hrs, and maybe the pts get better continuity of care,
  12. by   butterflies76
    I also work 12 hour shifts...7a-730 pm. My problem right now is that our 2nd shift is so short staffed that if my relief calls in sick (which she has done the past two days I've worked) I'm trapped there for a double with no overtime. I also have issues with my assignment being changed from days..meaning I have to get report on new patients etc.:roll
  13. by   NZ RN
    my goddness butterflies, do you mean u are there for all of the remaining 12hr shift...that sounds criminal. and no overtime...???? do you have a nursing union? do other staff have to put up with this sort of treatment. it sounds very unfair to me