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Hello all, I'm starting this thread for the new applicants for the hrsa nursing scholarship 09-10. Tor prettylady, I think its a random selection. Its the luck of the draw.... Read More

  1. by   khervey
    Sorry I had a typo it was a letter in the mail, not an e-mail! Sorry!
  2. by   runner4life123
    Has anyone receive a rejection letter that received an email in September?
    Also, Khervey, when did you receive your acceptance letter? Congrats!
  3. by   Acestudent21
    Hello everyone I received my letter today as well! It was postmarked for Oct. 13th. What a sigh of relief. I hope those of you that are still waiting receive your letters soon. Again I attend school in Nebraska, and only received a finalist email between May and Now!
  4. by   angelp71
    hi everyone. still nothing for me yet. i talked to a guy at the call center that promises me that letters are still going out (acceptance and rejection).

    is there anyone who got the scholarship/letter/contract in the mail that DID NOT receive the finalist email in sept? just curious.
  5. by   khervey
    Sorry my letter came in on the 14th I believe!
  6. by   stdjlg37
    to those that have received notification already, have you been contacted by your representative or any other correspondence?
  7. by   khervey
    No further correspondence for me yet besides my acceptance letter. Will let you know as soon as I am contacted.
  8. by   deevee12
    Nothing yet for me either.. I called the phone number on our letter of acceptance and the recording said we should make a copy of our award letter and send it in to the financial aid office. Also, the ORC will be $1848. Let's all let each other know when we hear something!
  9. by   vikings203
    Hi guys,
    I also received my award letter in the mail this last saturday. Congrats to everyone who got it. To everyone who did not, stay encouraged. I am a senior in nursing school so this was my last chance to get a scholarship. Much needed. To deevee12, what is the ORC?
  10. by   deevee12
    it is the "other reasonable costs" payment that they include with the first stipend payment. Here is the information:

    Other Reasonable Costs (ORC) Financial support will be provided to each participant of the NSP for other reasonable educational expenses or costs (ORC) incurred by the student. A standardized ORC payment is established for a full school year, for a full-time student. The ORC payment will be reduced proportionately for students who plan to attend less than a full school year (e.g., December graduates). For part-time students, if funded, the ORC payment will be proportionally reduced. The ORC payment is provided to assist in the payment of the following types of expense:

    • Books
    • Clinical supplies
    • Instruments
    • Insurance (Life or Health Insurance)
    • School ID Cards/ID Fees
    • Travel
    • Uniforms

    The ORC payment will be included in the October stipend payment, which should be received by November 7.
  11. by   stdjlg37
    I just spoke to someone there but was acutally calling the get the "recording" from the earlier post. She said our stipends should be out Nov. 7 or around that time and to copy the letter and send it to our financial aid department and ask them to bill HRSA.
    Hope this helps!
  12. by   deevee12
    thanks for letting me know... i called her and got some questions answered!
  13. by   stdjlg37
    if you don't mind sharing, what did they tell you?