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Hello all, I'm starting this thread for the new applicants for the hrsa nursing scholarship 09-10. Tor prettylady, I think its a random selection. Its the luck of the draw.... Read More

  1. by   abc10011
    I jot got the letter today.

    I got the finalist email, and had no other communication with hrsa since then.

    My letter has the signed contract inside.
  2. by   IheartICU
    abc10011 & yelnikwawa, where do you guys live?
  3. by   deevee12
    congrats everybody!! i just got my letter too!! i'm so happy!

    good luck to everyone else.. i'm in california.
  4. by   angelp71
    no letter for me yet...
  5. by   shannahan
    I know, me neither. I've given up hope. It looks like anyone getting a letter got the email in Sept, which I didn't get. Guess I will struggle my way through nursing school somehow.
  6. by   misslolalady
    I just got my contract in the mail today!
  7. by   2010NRS
    Am I correct in thinking that if I started school August 20th then I will be receiving a backdated stipend for September and October at the end of this month? No august since I was not in school for the 15 days required that month?

    Thank you
  8. by   servant-leader
    i got my official letter today stating that although i have a 0 efc and am a full-time bsn student i was not selected. i am a second-degree student participating in an accelerated bsn at a very expensive private university. i am technically considered a junior as it is a two-year program. in terms of the amount of money hrsa would have to pay for my scholarship, i'm about as expensive as it gets (2 years x 36000 a year + stiped). so, i'm wondering if they choose people in their last year OR in cheaper programs because regardless of the amount of money they pay in a scholarship (tuition), they still get two years of service. any opinions?
  9. by   Hands&Feet
    I got my rejection letter today, too. I'm also a second-degree student, but in an ADN program. It's actually pretty cheap compared to yours - about $3500/year, and I'm in my last year. So I don't know what criteria they use. Maybe it actually is random. I'm bummed, but I just have to remind myself that I only have 7 months left and hopefully I can find a job and start paying off all these loans. And I won't be bound to HRSA for 2 years. Granted I'll be paying on loans for 10 years. Ugh!
  10. by   shannahan
    Got my rejection letter today too. I can't find it now for the exact numbers but appx 400 qualified applicants with 180-something awarded. Wonder where all that extra stimulus money went that was supposed to go to it? Maybe it will roll over to next year. I had accepted I wasn't going to get it but still, it's depressing. But not enough to get me down for long. I will still make it through nursing school no matter what I have to do - I have one year left.

    Congratulations to all of you lucky bastids who were awarded! I'm am truly happy for you and still think this is an awesome opportunity! Good luck with your program and count your blessings
  11. by   2010NRS
    Thanks for the well wishing. Stick with your nursing no matter what. This scholarship is a huge help now but in 10 years we won't be any different. In 1 year we won't be. I have a lot of student loans already. Keep going strong.
  12. by   IheartICU
    Did anyone who got the email on 9/15 not get an acceptance letter in the mail?
  13. by   angelp71
    i still haven't gotten either letter; accept or reject. also never got the original email. i still refuse to give up hope until i get one or the other. congrats to those who got it so far and sorry to those who didn't. i'm very sure that the selection process among all 'qualified' applicants was totally random. however, i'm certainly in solidarity with the spirit of 'lets get thru nursing school no matter what'. if we've made it this far, nothing can stop us but ourselves.