1. I had a ghastly night at work...we ALREADY had 31 patients - our crew consisted of:
    3 RNs
    2 CNAs
    1 Ward Clerk (who knows absolutely NOTHING and was a total drain on me by constantly asking questions about where/how to enter orders into the computer.....like I have time to teach her)

    When I got out of report, I was inundated with about 4 patients asking for pain med, three charts with orders to take off, not to mention the 0000 med pass........(some of which were stat meds to be given).
    The CNAs were "splitting the floor".
    Well of course, before I could even GET STARTED in any kind of real way - I was kept busy answering the call light and people coming up to the nurses' station - guess WHAT???
    We get an admission.
    I called the House Supervisor, hoping that she would send it to another floor. I told her I was way behind, etc. Her response?
    "It isn't going to put you that much further behind to go down to ER and pick him up."
    Well DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Does she think that is all you do?
    NEWS BULLETIN: after you pick them up and put them in the room, they have to be taken care of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There were patients that I am sure needed to be suctioned and I didn't even have the chance to go into their room.
    This patient was disoriented due to a reaction to a pain shot received earlier in the day at the doctor's office (according to his son)......he was trying to get out of bed.........completely out of control.......I ended up having to call to get an order for a Posey vest and wrist restraints to have if needed (if the Posey wasn't enough)....................
    This man just laid there going "Help me Lord, oh Lord, help me Lord," over and over again.
    Well the H.S. came up and decided that the patient needed to be closer to the nursing station........so we had to move him.....which we really didn't have the time to fool with doing.

    What galls me is: no matter HOW FEW staff we have; the hospital admits to WE ARE FULL - even if we cannot adequately care for the patients we already have!
    I guess I am lucky we don't have 50 or 60 beds - they would FILL THEM ALL!!!!!!

    The H.S. just can't understand.......
    It wouldn't surprise me for them to wind up with 1 RN and 1CNA when we are full.
    They don't care. They don't care about us and THEY SURELY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE PATIENTS.

    It's pathetic.........the patients are in the hospital and we don't even have time to take care of them.
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  3. by   GPatty
    Prayer, prayer, and more prayer. That's all I can say. That's all I know to say...
    Get some rest and go in there fighting again next time!
    May God richly bless you,
  4. by   plumrn
    I think the house supervisor or the unit manager or even the hospital administrator should have to go in to the rooms of the 4 pts waiting on pain medication,the pts waiting for help to relieve themselves,the pts that are confused and/or scared,having trouble breathing,etc.,etc.,etc.... and tell them the nurse is busy right now; we sent her down to the ED to pick up another pt and she will need time to get them in the room,check the orders,check vs's,orient them to the room,and get a list of their home meds,call the dr to get more orders, soooo.... may I help you? "Oh, sorry, no, I can't suction your trach., but your nurse I'm sure will be right in to do that, and by the way, please fill out our evaluation form of our services before you leave. We so want to know how we are doing!" Now its time for me to go see if I have any meetings to go to. They usually have donuts and coffee laid out and I am ready for my coffeebreak... Take care now!
  5. by   kewlnurse
    Your complaining about 3 rn's 2 cna's and a clerk for 32 patients? Umm, ok take away the clerk and 1 cna and make 1 rn an lpn and that is the staffing we have everyday. What do you normally have for staffing?
  6. by   soundsLikesirens

    I SAID the ward clerk was NO HELP AT ALL......she couldn't even do her job, because she is new and knows absolutely NOTHING. She spent all of her time asking me to help her.

    Yes, I AM COMPLAINING about our staffing.

    You said your staffing was basically the same - and your point is.............................???

    Are YOU satisfied????