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Does anyone know when Great Bay sends out acceptance letters? I have heard as early as March from some people, and as late as May from others. Any thoughts? I got my letter from Manchester a few weeks ago, I am in there. Keeping my fingers crossed for GB!

Last year we were notified in early March. Previous classes didn't receive their letters until late April. So, I'm not quite sure how to answer your question... Good luck!


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Ok, thanks. I will keep my fingers crossed for early March, the anticipation is killing me!:)


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GBCC is sending out acceptance letters! Got mine this afternoon! =]


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I got my letter today too! So excited!


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I got mine on the 4th also!


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When do we get more information? After the deadline for deposits?


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Hopefully soon. Would like to know when orientation is! I can't believe they sent out the letters so quickly.


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I'm in at GBCC for the fall too!!! I can't wait for orientation :D Look forward to meeting you ladies:lol2:


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Congrats! I'm at GBCC working on pre-reqs still. If you ladies wouldn't mind me asking, what were your grades, etc. to get in? I just have this awful feeling I'm never going to get in. I know it's competitive, but how competitive? What were your NLN scores as well?

Hello there-- new to this thread and really hoping for a bit of help from ya'll. I'm really hoping to be at GBCC for Fall 2012! I'm trying to figure out if I should be taking the NLN again. I've taken it once and achieved what I think is a pretty good score. I don't want to be overconfident and assume that the scores I received on my first NLN are good enough for acceptance. I'll take it again if it would be smart for me to get better scores than I currently have... but I have no idea what you folks who got accepted received for scores... please help!

My NLN scores from this past 8/3 are:

Composite-146 (98%)

Verbal- 90% of q's correct, 98% relative to other RN test takers.

Math- 90% of q's correct, 97% relative to other RN test takers.

Science- 71% of q's correct, 91% relative to other RN test takers.

It is the science that I'm wondering if I should be trying to raise. Also, I will have A&P 1 & 2 complete by application time, and I have a non-nursing BS degree already.

Do you folks think I should retake the NLN or are these scores good enough???

Hope to hear from you-- Thanks for your help!!

It's a great score, I'll graduate in May and you would very likely have been accepted in my class with those scores and A+P completed. I wouldn't worry too much about the science, a 91 is great, and most ppl taking the test arent likely to score better. How many nursing students understand Ohm's laws and a series-parallel circuit? However it's hard telling who will apply for acceptance this coming year! Good luck!